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Martin C. Sumners

A One and a One
Rhythmically, the second beat follows the first beat so you get a one and a two and the beat goes on. In football, they say if you have two quarterbacks, you don't have a quarterback as the adage premise is that you need one leader to take the reigns and not confuse the issue.

The Raptors and coach Sam Mitchell are facing this dilemma. Jose Calderon was the clear back-up but he got his opportunity to run the team when T.J. Ford went down with an injury in December. Calderon was successful but since Ford's return in early February, the two have shared the point.

It may be hard to get a grasp of how the sharing of duties will work out. Ford may be working himself back into top form and Chris Bosh has missed the entire month of March. But Mike Ulmer of who admits in No Chemist be I...that he is no chemistry major, thinks that "the point guard tandem of Ford and Calderon is so arresting."

Football remains in the Raptors discussion here. Eric Smith blogs in Down, Set, Hut about the annual "Broadcasters vs. Raptors Staff" football game. And our gratuitous St. Patrick's day reference comes form the Raptors broadcaster Chuck Swirksy who blogs in St.Patrick's Day In Utah... that you can catch he and his partner don the green as they broadcast their St. Pat's tilt versus Utah.

No Quitting in Basketball
On, Lang Whitaker blogs that in no way does he believe that the Hawks have quit on the coach.

On, Keith Langlois answers Pistons email questions about the rotation, Theo Ratliff and more.

Wally the MAC
Wally Szczerbiak, former big man on campus at Miami of Ohio in the Mid-American Conference reflects on his days in the MAC as March Madness is upon us.

More Madness
On video, Jared Dudley of Boston College and Sean May of North Carolina discuss the merits of their respective schools in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Devin Harris likes this time of the year with the NBA in its stretch run and the magic of the NCAA tournament.

Andre 2008
On, Zach Lloyd writes a feature on surging Sixers and their point guard Andre Miller.

The Bucks Stop at 20
Adam Rosa of celebrates a franchise-record 20 consecutive wins that the Bucks 1970-71 team set and that the Houston Rockets recently surpassed.

Diener Time
On, Off the Court visits with Travis Diener.

DeShawn Stevenson Mailbag
On, DeShawn Stevenson answers his mailbag.

Ask Mr. 45
Nate Robinson after scoring a career-high 45 points n a recent game has the time to take some questions from the fans.