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Martin C. Sumners

The Birdman of Indiana
"There's got to be changes made and we're going to make them." That's straight from the mouth of Pacers President of Basketball, Larry Bird at a press conference held after the trading deadline where no deals were consummated involving the Pacers.

Interestingly, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the Nets-Mavs deal involving Jason Kidd being held up by Devean George for the purpose of not losing his Bird rights, named after this Bird, that he too made no moves.

However, the Pacers prior to the deadline had many trade discussions and plan on revisiting these talks. The Pacers currently in fourth place in the Central Division and a long shot to make the playoffs and thus seem more than motivated to make some changes. Bird believes that these changes will come this summer after the draft when teams see their needs more clearly.

Also on, and getting back to the Nets-Mavs deal that eventually went thru sans George, but with the help of including the semi-retired Keith Van Horn, Conrad Brunner recalls that the Pacers made similar deals with other players receiving financial windfalls to make a trade happen.

Trade Talk
George Blaha, voice of the Pistons, blogs about the trade bringing Juan Dixon from the Raptors to the Pistons and the likelihood of Dale Davis returning.

The Take from Above
Listen to the perspective of the Raptors of the trade involving Juan Dixon for Primoz Brezec.

Election Season
On vote for your favorite dancer of the week.

The New Kid on the Block features Devin Harris as he is introduced to the media as the new point guard in Jersey replacing the elder Kidd.

The Bucks Stop Here
Bucks. com's Truman Reed, perhaps named after former Pres. Harry S. Truman, whose famous line we play with above, lobbies for several members for the Bucks 40th Anniversary Team.

They Still Like Mike
Lang Whitaker apologizes for being a little late with his take on the Mike Bibby trade but thinks that the Hawks finally have their point guard.

Bullish Trading
The Bulls as part of a three-team look forward to Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden joining the team as well as Shannon Brown and Cedric Simmons.

The Optimist
The Optimist reflects on the inspirational win with a limited team friday night due to trade deadline deal but also looks forward to seeing first game with the trade's haul including Ben Wallace and Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak and Joe Smith.

More Mo
In the midst of a 7-2 run, Sixers head coach Maurice Cheeks signs a three-year extension.

Magic Radio with Stephen A.
The Dante and Galante radio show can be seen on video as they talk NBA trades and have as a guest ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. You can go to 9:35 of the video to hear Mr. Smith

Jamal Ball
Shooting guard Jamal Crawford lit up the Raptors for a season-high 43 points in the Knicks' 103-99 victory on friday night.