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Jim Reilly

Baby Steps
The Beasts of the East clashed on Saturday night and despite the presence of established veterans like KG, The Truth, Rip and 'Sheed, it was Big Baby, Glen Davis, who sparked Boston over Detroit, their primary rivals for conference supremacy.'s Pete Stringer chronicles the NBA rookie's transition from college star with a catchy nickname to second-round pick with plenty to prove and finds it does indeed take a village to help bring up a bonafide NBA player.

"You don't just step on the court, smell the popcorn pop and then turn it on," said Kevin Garnett when asked about his advice for Davis. "You have to be able to prepare yourself to come in here and work. If I'm on the floor, Posey's on the floor, Paul's on the floor, Ray's on the floor, that's the standard. That's the example." provided real-time courtside commentary from the Jan. 5 contest, with Keith Langlois shedding some light on Detroit's perspective. "Just got back from Flip's postgame press conference and the locker room. I'll say this -- that's about as quiet as the Pistons' locker room has been after a loss," blogged Langlois. "[Chauncey Billups] said the Pistons weren't quite as happy after their win at Boston as the Celtics seemed to be about this one. What he's really saying: Hey, it was an intense game, but Boston doesn't have another gear and the Pistons do. We'll see."

Showtime for Carlos
The Dante and Galante Show on features flashy point guard Carlos Arroyo.

How's Gil? updates Gilbert Arena's injury status. And as always, Agent Zero himself shares his thoughts.

No Kiddin'
All-Access News on catches up with Mr. Triple-Double.

Back on Track
On Austin Carr points to a steady rotation as the fuel for Cleveland's resurgence.

Strong to the Finish
Chuck Swirsky on stresses the importance of closing out quarters.

Good Vibrations's Lang Whitaker sees the glass as half full in Atlanta.

Dynamic Duo
The Fantasy Forecast suggests Mike Dunleavy and Danny Granger for this week.

Keep Hope Alive
On, Luol Deng teams up with Manute Bol for the Hope for Sudan Celebration.

Working Overtime
Truman Reed on examines the tireless work ethic of Michael Ruffin.