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Jim Reilly

Looking Up in Orlando
The only trio riding higher than Alvin and the Chipmunks at the moment (what's up with that?) is the KG-Paul Pierce-Ray Allen Project in Boston. But that's to be expected (The Celtics winning, that is, not the inexplicable popularity of a Singing Rodents Christmas Movie). And the veteran Pistons sitting in second place in the East isn't exactly a surprising development either. But who woulda thunk the Orlando Magic would race out of the gates with a 17-8 record, good for third place in the conference?

Despite the early success in Orlando, Scott Anez of the Anez Sez blog on Magic.com detects an unnecessary amount of hand-wringing regarding the emerging squad led by MVP candidate Dwight Howard. "Here we are, Magic fans, 17-8 on the season. We lead the Southeast Division by three games over red hot Washington. We have the third best record in the Eastern Conference," sez Anez. "Yet, everywhere I go, people ask me, 'What’s wrong with the Magic?'"

Anez surmises that perhaps a less than stellar 5-5 home record is responsible for the disproportianate amount of naysaying. "I can’t give you an explanation for the lackadaisical play at home lately," sez Scott. "It seems like our interest is only peaked only when it’s too late. In the NBA, any team can beat you on a given night." Anez then poses a rhetorical question. "Yet, with all the problems ... the injuries ... the homecourt woes ... the schedule ... If, at the beginning of the year, I told you that the Orlando Magic would win 17 of their first 25 games, you’d take it in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?"

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