Your Story: KJ Haircut

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Life is filled with moments of regret.

For me, personally, the vast majority of those moments occurred in the early ‘90s. Whether it was my exclusively Zubaz-themed wardrobe or my love of Under the Umbrella Tree (a hilariously creepy puppet show on The Disney channel), the ‘90s were a time when I got a lot of things wrong.

Some things, however, I got right. I was far and away considered to be a Suns nerd.

And by “was” I mean I still am.

In my mind, being a Suns nerd is a badge of honor. After all, nearly 50 years of Suns basketball has been fraught with amazing memories that I’ll forever cherish.

But this story is, admittedly, more embarrassing than awesome.

I don’t remember the exact day, but I know it was during a hot July summer in 1993. Weeks prior, the Suns had lost to the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals. After a few weeks of uncontrollable crying, I was finally ready to move on.

One day while listening to Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign” in a boombox the size of a small filing cabinet (which is another humiliating story in and of itself), I had what I thought at the time was a brilliant epiphany.

I should get a Phoenix Suns player’s name shaved into my head. That would make me so cool and all the girls will love me.

A couple things are inherently wrong with that line of thinking:

1. The idea that getting anything shaved into one’s head would be considered “cool.”

2. That, in my mind, this was a rational thought devoid of negative implications.

3. That girls the age of 10 (or any age, for that matter) would love it.

As fate would have it, I had an appointment to get a haircut the following day. For over 24 hours, I labored over what (or whom) I should get shaved into my blonde flat-top (easily one of the greatest sentences I’ve ever written).

I waffled between THUNDER DAN, SIR CHARLES and even DUMAS 21 before, ultimately, going with my favorite Suns player of all-time: KJ KEVIN JOHNSON #7.

The reaction by the woman cutting my hair was priceless and, if I’m honest, well-deserved.

“You want KJ KEVIN JOHNSON #7 shaved into your head?” she said in an attempt to understand my thought process. “Well, at least your head is big enough to fit all the letters.”

I ignored the obvious insult; I was too excited to be cool.

And for about five minutes after she was done, I thought I was.

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