What They're Saying: Ryan McDonough

After the Suns publicly announced their decision to hire Boston Celtics assistant general manager Ryan McDonough as the team's new general manager on Monday there was an outpouring of public support for the decision.

Suns.com scoured the internet to bring you the most interesting quotes about McDonough the professional and thoughts on his hiring from former co-workers, family members and journalists from across the NBA.

Ryan has earned the right to do things his way, just because he’s a hard worker. He doesn’t take shortcuts. At the end of the day, his evaluations have been really good and I trust him. We all look at players differently and we all do it differently. Ryan’s been amazing. He’s been huge for the success of our franchise.

- Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations. From SBnation.com article titled “The Next Generation GM"

Ryan has been an important part of our basketball operations and will be missed. I personally hired him following a conversation with his late dad Will and Red Auerbach and expected that he would pursue a career in our media department. But he requested a role as junior scout and excelled immediately, working his way to assistant GM and now a full GM job in the league. I couldn’t be happier for him and I am sure his late dad as well as Red are very proud right now.

- Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics owner; Boston Globe.

Ryan McDonough is well deserving of the Phoenix GM position and will prove to be an inspired hire by the Suns. Ryan comes from one of the foremost families in Boston sports. His late father Will McDonough was a Boston icon and his brothers have had distinguished careers in the sports media and the NFL. I was with the Celtics when Ryan joined the organization in 2003. It was evident early on that he was a special talent with a tremendous future ahead of him. Ryan is an outstanding judge of talent, is extremely bright, and no one will outwork him. On top of it all he is very engaging and humble. I am thrilled for Ryan and his family that he has become an NBA General Manager.

- Chris Wallace, Memphis Grizzlies General Manager

He’s well rounded in the skills that he brings to the front office. He’s got a bright future and he’s really well respected.

- Rob Hennigan, Orlando Magic General Manager; SBnation.com

We grew up in a household where we didn’t just sit there and watch the game. We talked about every aspect of the game you watched. Dad had such an unbelievable mind for sports. He understood the games and the way they should be played and the strategies involved and the people involved. I think all three of us really benefited from that.

- Ryan’s brother Sean, on the influence of their father, Will – the late Boston Globe columnist; SBnation.com

McDonough is known as a trusted advisor to Boston president Danny Ainge, who has been an advocate for him to become a GM. The Suns were seeking a first-rate talent evaluator with a knack for the business’ emerging analytics and those are areas that McDonough has proven to be adept.

- Paul Coro, AZCentral.com

Ryan started in the video room with us and been with us for 10 years. He’s been a guy that I’ve heavily relied on over the last handful of years, and I’m excited for him to get an opportunity. It’s been a dream for Ryan. It’s a chance to rebuild. Phoenix is in pretty good position. They have some cap space. They have six first-round picks over the next three years. I think it’s an opportunity for Ryan to try to do his thing.

- Danny Ainge, Boston Herald

He’s very good at what he does. He’ll be a GM. There’s no doubt about that.

- Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics Head Coach; SBnation.com

I think it’s a tremendous hire. I think McDonough is one of the real rising stars in the business. I know how hard he works … He’ll set that tone in the organization, and I think it completely changes the culture for the Suns. If I were a Suns fan, I would be excited about it today.

- Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo columnist; Pros2Preps.com

He was the one who was always there. He would literally make notes of things that I need to work on. He helped me out so much. He took it seriously and I appreciate him for that. He’s been watching me play since I was 17 years old, which is cool.

- Avery Bradley, Boston Celtics guard; SBnation.com

While the rest of the world sort of dropped on Rondo, Ryan continued to evaluate him even higher. Ryan was pushing very, very hard for Rajon. Ryan was very big in us having that strong of a desire for Rajon.

- Danny Ainge, SBnation.com