Dragic Begins Training Camp On the Mend

Dragic will return to practice in the next few days.
(Greg Esposito/Suns.com)
Posted: October 2, 2012

If there was any newcomer to miss the first few days of the Suns’ training camp, it was Goran Dragic.

Having spent more than two-plus seasons in Phoenix running the show as a floor general, few are as well-acquainted with the offense as Dragic. And that’s good news for the Suns.

Last Wednesday, during a five-on-five game of pick-up ball, the Suns point guard landed on center Jermaine O’Neal’s foot. Originally, Dragic was worried that he might have suffered a hairline fracture, but discovered that he only sprained his left ankle.

The 6-3 playmaker, who is planning on returning to practice in a few days, spent his time riding the exercise bike, doing corrective exercises, receiving treatment from the training staff and shooting.

“I was scared and so was Nellie (Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson),” Dragic said. “But in the end, the pictures (x-rays) were fine.”

Dragic said that all the plays the coaching staff introduced this morning were ones that he ran a couple of years ago. There was even a new set that was added, but it turns out that it was a play that he ran in Houston last season.

“It’s much easier to come back with the Suns than it would’ve been with another team with another system,” the Slovenian point guard said. “But because I know some stuff, it’s much easier.”

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