Phoenix Suns New Business Team
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A Day in the life of an All-Star

While you are a part of the Suns New Business Team this time can be viewed as a career maturation period, with a heavy emphasis on building corporate relationships, as well as to sell to our residential fan-bases.

In the beginning of building your personal account base, the majority of your business will be generated over the phone (100 calls per day). As you continue with the program, your days will be filled with hosting personal in-center client tours as well as out of office business presentations. Your professional autonomy on how to conduct your day grows as the program progresses.

Ultimately, you are being given the opportunity to establish a stronghold on a future in this industry. You are asked to make the most of every day, every call and ultimately every opportunity. Yes, you are most definitely doing this for the Phoenix Suns and Mercury but you are also doing this to establish yourself as rising star in the sports industry.

In the beginning, most of your 100 daily calls will be cold. We hate the term cold calling because it implies that your prospects know nothing about your product, which in some cases is true. We take tremendous pride in getting you be best leads possible using our sophisticated Microsoft based CRM system which currently holds over six hundred thousand qualified leads waiting to be called . Examples of some of the leads you will be calling:

  • Top Area Businesses
  • Single Game Ticket Buyers
  • Cancelled Accounts
  • Season Ticket Holders from local teams
  • Sports Fans
  • Sports Periodical /Internet Subscribers
  • Appearances and arena events
As stated earlier, under S.T.A.R.S is where we will give you the tools to develop all the facets of the sales process. This means you will not be limited to only selling via the phone. You are encouraged to establish relationships with your prospective clients through meeting with them face to face, at US Airways Center or at their respective places of business. You will have the opportunity to have the Director of New Business Development or your Senior Accountability Partner assist you on these appointments to help you develop your sales skills when making face-to-face presentations. You are also encouraged to develop leads you find from reading business periodicals, researching the daily paper, outside prospecting, referrals, etc.