Phoenix Suns New Business Team
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STARS: Sales Training to Achieve Results in Sports

The Phoenix Suns S.T.A.R.S. Program will give you the most comprehensive sales training in all of sports. The goals of this system are to make you the most successful sales person short term as well as lay the foundation and core principles necessary to advance your career on the business side. Your primary training will come from a Vice President of Sales who is a former $1 Million revenue producer, our Director of Sales who is a former $1/2 Million plus revenue producer, and our Manager of New Business Development who was a proven top producer for both NBA and NHL properties. Their focus is to simply make you great. Your training will focus on the areas of:

Sales Technique

  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Questioning/Interviewing
  • Handling Objections
  • Face-to-Face Presentations
Sales Culture
  • Career Growth
  • Time Management
  • Attitude & Work Ethic
  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Fundamentals
You will also have a Senior Accountability Partner (a member of our Senior Sales Team). Your Senior Accountability Partner has previously flourished as a Sales Consultant and has advanced successfully. They will act as a mentor and serve as an additional resource.

During face to face presentations, you will be assisted by the New Business Team Manager or a member of Senior Staff. This partnership will not only lead to more sales but will allow the Sales Consultant to learn from the Senior Rep. The Senior Rep and Sales Consultant will review following each presentation in an effort to continually improve.

During the initial month under S.T.A.R.S. your Vice President of Sales and Director of the New Business Development will focus their energy on training the Sales Consultants, fine tuning their skill sets and conveying his knowledge of the business. In addition to your continual sales training, you will be supplied with a variety of sales literature providing valuable insight to the sales process and professional growth.