Phoenix Suns New Business Team
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Why work for the Phoenix Suns?

You’ve established yourself as a candidate with a bright future, so you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. Why should you want to work for the Phoenix Suns?

Off the Court...
Our sales & service “culture” is recognized for it’s commitment to developing professionals that are preparing for long and successful careers in the sports industry. We inspire hard work, reward achievement, recognize our top performers and create opportunities for them to grow their careers. We are very proud to have our program recognized as one of the leaders in the sports industry and we are looking for candidates that have the desire and ambition to build on what has been established.

The Phoenix Suns feature 42 years of being a model franchise in the NBA, boasting the 4th best winning percentage of all-time. We have gone from being the “only game in town” to competing for entertainment dollars in the most competitive sports market in the country. The US Airways Center and the Phoenix Suns set the pace among sports and entertainment properties in the Phoenix area, but that’s not enough. Our goal is to set the standard by which excellence is measured throughout the sports industry.

The Phoenix Suns New Business Team is comprised of the up and coming All-Stars of the sports industry. Our management team will invest in your future through a constantly evolving training program with the goal being to develop Sales Consultant’s skill sets to the point where they have a base to springboard their careers into Sales Management, Premium Seat Sales, and Sponsorship Sales. We want to set the pace, which is why we believe our New Business Team is the premier program, of its kind, in the business, driven by individuals who will one day become leaders within our industry!

You will be given the opportunity to show your passion and dedication through a commitment to getting results. There will be ever-evolving sales training under S.T.A.R.S. This is where you will learn sales techniques and presentation skills that will make you an effective salesperson in any field, but specifically focused on selling a variety of client and fan based entertainment opportunities.

This is not a ticket sales job. This is an opportunity to build a solid foundation in the Sports Industry and begin your career as a young aspiring executive in the NBA. As a Sales Consultant on our New Business Team being groomed under S.T.A.R.S. you will be given the foundation and taught the skill sets necessary to be an All-Star in the sports industry for many years to come.