Suns Retorter: Suns Five Star LA Premiere

In the entertainment industry, you haven't officially hit the big time until you have had a big Hollywood premiere. It doesn't matter if your work has been seen in smaller cities and different venues. It is not until you show it under the bright lights in a star-studded venue in Los Angeles that you've really arrived.

Tuesday night the “Suns of Anarchy” debuted in LA with impressive results and critical acclaim, the type usually reserved for the likes of Denzel Washington or Jack Nicholson (neither, ironically enough, were there to witness it).

On a night where Kobe and his Black Mamba black out were supposed to take center stage (complete with shirts provided by a sponsor), a foreign performer not known well to many Hollywood types stole the show. Goran Dragic brought his and-1 tour to Staples Center, and his fire-breathing Dragon act made it impossible for anything to hide in the shadows regardless of how dark the free t-shirts may have been. His 31 points were an impressive testament to the fact that hard work and a good attitude can take you halfway around the world to achieve your dreams. His huge smile after the game a testament to the importance of appreciating what you have.

He didn't do it alone though. His co-star, who is no stranger to the LA stage, Eric Bledsoe proved why his name shares the marquee with Dragic's. His 18 points impressed, but his highlights had a degree of difficulty so high that even Jackie Chan would request a stunt double. His acrobatic layup to end the third quarter was not only much needed but couldn't have been scripted any better by one of the hundred wannabe screenwriters in the crowd.

It was a performance that showed the true potential of the Bledsoe-Dragic backcourt for one of the first times this season.

Coach Jeff Hornacek has consistently compared his dynamic duo of guards with the way he and Kevin Johnson played back in the ‘80s together for the Suns. The shorts may be much longer now, but you don't need a flux capacitor to see how the two generations of Suns guards can start to look alike.

“I don’t think our guys, when they get between those lines, think it matters to them if they’re on the road or in the gym down the street,” Hornacek said of the guards and his team. “They’re going to play the same way. That’s what’s given us opportunities to win on the road.”

Like back in the days of the Cotton Express, the Hornacek Highway has no speed limit and Dragic and Bledsoe revel in it. The two guards cutting through the lane with a surgeon's precision before taking a hit like Homer Simpson during his boxing career and scoring the bucket. Their Hollywood debut had to have been just what Hornacek and General Manager Ryan McDonough envisioned when bringing the two together.

Even the opponents have taken notice of the fast pace as former Sun turned Laker Wes Johnson said to Dragic on the floor Tuesday “you guys are playing fast.”

Dragic replied with a smile, “Yeah, that’s our style.”

Opponents may be worn out by it, but “Mini LeBron” is enjoying every minute of it.

“At the end of the day we want to win,” Bledsoe told the LA media. “We just have to sacrifice who handles the ball and who doesn’t.”

The backcourt was great, but the frontcourt shouldn't be left out when writing a five-star review. Step aside Olson twins and those two actresses from "Sister-Sister," there is a new set of twins showing off their skills in Hollywood. Marcus and Markieff Morris hit their stride Tuesday night, connecting on passes that only can be explained by some kind of supernatural ability to know where the other will be at all times. Markieff continued to work down low while Marcus tickled the twine the way Billy Joel tickles the ivory.

“We are doing well and we are going to continue to work,” Marcus said of he and his teammates. “Never be satisfied because that’s a time where we start to lose it. We are going to get back in the lab tomorrow and continue to work.”

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention how P.J. Tucker's workman like mentality, which has begun to be the attitude and hallmark of the entire team, led to fantastic rebounding and stellar defense.

What do you get when you add it all together? An entertaining product worth watching. And don't worry, these Suns of Anarchy aren't going anywhere. They'll be here to entertain you numerous nights a week. Especially after such an impressive Hollywood debut.

They may have no "major" stars, but on Tuesday, they still earned five of them for their performance.