Suns Retorter: Son's Love Fuels a Suns Career Night

You can have your Hollywood love stories, your commercials with puppies bonding with horses and your greeting cards that are more flowery than the perfume counter at your local department store. What Suns fans witnessed on Saturday night, but may not have even realized they were seeing, was the only feel-good story necessary around Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t about a proposal during the kiss cam or any other romantic love. It was something much more touching. See, a very special person was in attendance at US Airways Center for the first time ever. His name is Mateo. You may not have ever heard of him before, but he had a major impact on the Suns’ win over the Golden State Warriors.

He is the son of starting guard Goran Dragic and he was the fuel that lit the Dragon’s fire to the tune of a career-high 34 points, 13 of which came in the final seven minutes.

“I was a little bit hyped,” he said after the game. “I tried to show him what his daddy can do. It was a fun game.”

The youngest member of the Dragic clan likely won’t remember the night, as it came just three days after turning three months old. But the family patriarch certainly gave everyone in attendance a idea of just what he is capable of.

The elder Dragic’s shooting had the precision of a finely tuned sports car as he hit 10-of-13 shots, including a career-high six three-pointers, while moving the Suns offense at a lightning pace. Making it even more impressive is the fact that he scored his 16 second-half points while being dizzy, possibly proof that you can in fact shoot yourself borderline unconscious.

That or maybe he was just lost in the high of knowing his boy was seeing him do what he loves for the first time.

“I remember when the ref threw the ball up I looked up at the stands and saw Maja (Dragic’s wife) and she was grabbing Mateo’s hand and waving it at me,” the proud father said with a grin. “It was something special.”

And so was Dragic’s game.

With :36.9 seconds left on the clock the Dragon rose up over Draymond Green and hit a three-pointer that not only sealed the game for the Suns, but gave him a career-high in points.

The best part? While some people may have taken a late three in a game that was pretty well in hand, he didn’t even realize he had reached a milestone.

While standing around his locker after most media members had left the room, the Slovenian guard found out about the new career record when myself and another writer mentioned in passing.

That’s just who Dragic is, a family man who loves what he does for a living. A guy who takes his job seriously but knows what’s important. A person who seizes an opportunity when it is in front of him but doesn’t brag about it, not even to someone he probably has a every right to.

“I don’t want to brag to my son.” the guard said with a laugh after the game. “I’ll just ask my wife to tell him what I did.”

That, or just let Suns fans do it for you. While a father shared a special moment with his son, a fan base got to fall even further in love with their favorite Sun.