Suns Retorter: Goran, Trades and the Justice League?

From time to time readers send in various questions about the team and other slightly basketball related things. Rather than continue to acting like all the girls in high school did to me and simply ignore them, I decided it was time answer a handful of them. And by answer, I mean share my opinion while making some half formed jokes. As always, what follows are real questions and the answers don't represent Suns management, my parents or anyone else.

From: Eric ‏@AZsOWN

Question: #SunsRetorterMailbag with the suns doing so well w/out Bledsoe, is the trade for Green & Plumlee the biggest acquisition last offseason?

Let’s be honest. What acquisition Ryan McDonough and his staff -- we may have to borrow an Al McCoy-ism and call them “The Purple Gang From Phoenix” if they keep it up -- made this offseason hasn’t paid dividends for the present and the future?

They whet our appetite with the draft day deal that brought Archie Goodwin into the fold. The Kentucky product is a young man who impressed in Summer League and showed that once his game matures -- remember, he’s just 19, or, the age you were when you were still eating in the student union and partying on the weekends -- he’ll be a welcome addition to the rotation.

Then they hit us with the Eric Bledsoe deal which, even with the injury, was a huge win for the franchise. It helped spark this season and, since he is a restricted-free agent, helps this summer.

It is hard to argue that the deal that landed Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green in the Valley wasn’t the biggest though. The two now account for two-fifths of the starting lineup in Bledsoe’s absence. Not to mention, they are accounting for a combined 23 points, 11.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game.

So that was a very Martin Scorsese way of saying, yes, that trade was huge for this team’s success but all of them have had a major impact.

From: Craig A. Hamil @TheCraigHamil

Is it too far to consider @Goran_Dragic the best PG in the NBA behind Paul and Westbrook? Parker is past it #SunsRetorterMailbag

Too far? There is no such thing as too far when you’re a fan of a team.

An argument can easily be made that Dragic is quickly becoming the Jennifer Lawrence -- breakout star -- of the Suns and potentially the NBA. He is the media darling that is catching everyone’s attention with his performances. He’s being mentioned in’s MVP Ladder and is in the main image for ESPN’s Power Rankings this week. Not to mention he was the NBA’s Player of the Week in the Western Conference.

You don’t average 26.8 points and 6 assists a game in a week where your team goes 4-0 without turning some heads.

Is he elite? If he isn’t already there, the train is one stop away from that station and the conductor has just announced their pending arrival. Which is great because there isn’t a more deserving player, or human being, than Dragic.

From: Richie @Richieboy_16

#SunsRetorterMailbag How far could this team actually go ? I really think they can make it to the conference finals !

The first rule of the Mailbag is never talk about the Mailbag. The second rule of the Mailbag is to never tempt the basketball Gods. I’ll say this much though, this team isn’t a fluke. Flukes don’t play well into February. They fade away in December. (Anyone remember Philly’s fast start?)

How far could they go? To borrow a line from Kevin Garnett, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

From: Samuel L. Chang ‏@Senor__Chang Jan 31

Should P.J. Tucker make one of the NBA All-Defensive Teams? #SunsRetorterMailbag

This season he’s guarded in no particular order: Kobe, KD, Lebron, Paul George, Rudy Gay, Carmelo, Dirk, Scott Howard, John McClane, Jack Bauer and Bryan Mills. OK, so a handful of those are fictional characters from movies but the point is the same, he will guard any and all challengers.

He, along with assistant coach Mike Longabardi, have helped turn the team’s defense from a Police Academy level to a Robocop type intensity and efficiency. If he isn’t at least considered for an All-Defensive it will be a crime.

From: Scott Chasen @SChasenKU

#SunsRetorterMailbag dream matchup for a first round playoff series? Maybe Portland?

When Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose try to rename your team the Phoenix Tanks and pick you to finish 29th in the league and Charles Barkley pronounces your team dead more times than an 80s horror movie villain, any first round playoff series is a dream matchup.

But, a 7-game series with the Blazers would be fun. Even if it is just because of the light-hearted Twitter feud we have with them.

From: Richie Holdcroft

Why aren't the Suns getting the national attention they deserve?

Remember the XFL and “He Hate Me?”

The Suns are fueled off of that same kind of sentiment. Doubters and lack of attention is what these guys thrive on. When no one believes in you, you bond with each other. You rely on each other and you build a family dynamic.

Who needs attention when you’re winning? Eventually, if you make it far enough, they’ll have to pay attention anyways.

From: Sreekar @sreekyshooter

Thoughts on "Suns of Anarchy" nickname? So has to wonder why no one thought of it before this month. #SunsRetorterMailbag

I love it. Whoever came up with it -- most likely long before this month -- must be a genius and some sort of oracle.

From: J:

What are the positive outcomes since no members of the Suns are represented in the All-Star game?

I’ll preface this with, there is still a chance Dragic could make it as an injury replacement and the team has someone involved in All-Star Saturday Night.

If no one makes it, six full days with no games is good for everyone, writers included. Team gets a chance to re-charge, spend time with family and get prepared for the rest of the season. Keep in mind, during the season teams rarely get a chance to have full practices due to game schedule. They’ll have a chance to get a few of those in during the break.

From: Craig A. Hamil ‏@TheCraigHamil Jan 31

Who is each Suns Justice league counterpart? Too nerdy? No apologies. #sunsretortermailbag

Too nerdy? I’m a guy who wears bow ties courtside to every game. There is no such things as too nerdy here in the mailbag.

So we don’t bore the non-superhero fans, let’s just stick to the starters.

C: Miles Plumlee is Superman as he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

PF: Channing Frye is Aquaman because all you hear after he shoots is “splash.”

SF: P.J. Tucker is Cyborg strong, brilliant and known for his ability to defend.

SG: Gerald Green is Green Lantern as both can create anything they want.

PG: Goran Dragic is Batman because he’s used everything at his disposal to become a difference maker.

Bonus: Eric Bledsoe is the Flash since his speed was the difference maker on offense and defense to start the season.

From: Derrick Holt @TheDerrickHolt

#SunsRetorterMailbag Is there any chance that the Miley Cyrus concert on Feb 27 at USAC might Twerk with Suns chemistry?

The team shaman is on call and so is the cleaning staff. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Alright, we've done enough outlandish questions, lets bring this down for a gentle landing with something everyone is wondering.

From: Alex Carlson ‏@iamcarlson_33 8m

#SunsRetorterMailbag with the trade deadline coming up and so many assets do you think the suns will make a big move?


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