Suns Retorter: David Letterman, Suns Common Bond

Being in a position to control your own destiny is something we all strive for. It’s why we clock in and clock out of our jobs on a daily basis and try to do our best every hour of every day. (Although, if you believe internet commenters, that may not always be the case with this column.)

Take David Letterman for example. He’s been all over the internet for the last week. It wasn’t for some over the top subversive sketch like he used to be known for, a stellar interview with a A-list celebrity or some kind of scandal. The spotlight has been fixated on him because he simply had reached a point in his career where he controlled his own destiny.

He came into work late last week and decided it was time to retire and announced it on his show. No fanfare, no drama, just took care of business in a matter of fact way because he had put himself in the position to do so.

The Phoenix Suns sit in a similar position. After months of “shocking the NBA world” they find themselves in the driver’s seat. They control their own destiny and, if they take care of business as a matter of factly as Letterman, they’ll also be all the talk on the internet, at least from a sports perspective. A playoff spot is there for the taking thanks to hard work and dedication, as long as they finish what they started in the final four games.

“It’s crazy, but it’s not that crazy because this is what we said we wanted to do from the very beginning,” Miles Plumlee said. “We’re right on the cusp of doing it.”

The cusp includes games against the two biggest obstacles standing in their way -- no, Jay Leno isn’t one-- the Dallas Mavericks and the Memphis Grizzlies. With a lead on the Grizzlies and sitting just behind the Mavs win and they get in, lose, and they’ll need help.

“They’re approaching [last stretch] this as kind of do-or-die situations,” Coach Jeff Hornacek said. “As far as these last couple games, they've done great at it. That’s how it should be. It’s a great tune-up if you make it in the playoffs ‘cause these games are played like that, that type of atmosphere. It’s a fun time to play.”

The position is something the Suns don’t take for granted because it is new to most guys on the roster. For those who have playoff experience it came as players who either came off the bench or who were buried on it. Others, like P.J. Tucker, have yet to have the chance to experience playoff basketball on an NBA roster. It has created a sense of gratitude and hunger among the players.

“That’s the best part of it,” Tucker said with excitement about controlling their own destiny. “If we win our games, we’re in the playoffs.”

Like the rest of us, the Suns have worked hard night in and night out to put themselves in a position to hold all the cards. Whether you're a former high school letterman or Letterman, that’s all you can ask for.