Suns One On One: Tucker on Shoes, Jazz and Losing

By Greg Esposito,
Posted: November 1, 2013

Suns One On One host Greg Esposito talked with Suns forward P.J. Tucker after practice about opening night, fans energy, his shoes, 3-point shooting and the Jazz. They also talk about P.J.'s views on fans rooting for a team to lose. Hint: He agrees with Michael Jordan on more than just shoes.

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Preview: At the 2:20 mark of the podcast-

“It is kind of funny. I think it is more comical than anything. I've been fans of different teams growing up and as an adult and I've never rooted against a team I like. I don't think there is a draft pick or anything in the world that could ever make me root against my team to make them better. I think it's insane."