Suns One On One: Fan Card Violations

A Lakers fan shows off his gold and purple at US Airways Center during a Suns game. We assume it was when L.A. was the opponent but you never know.
Christian Petersen/NBAE

Suns One On One host Greg Esposito caught up with beat writer Matt Petersen. The two discuss the topic of what constitutes a "Suns Fan Card Violation." An offense so egregious that the person has to hand in their allegiance to the team. Each provide their lists and even some of the show's fans weigh in with their lists as well.

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Potential Fan Card Violations:

  • If you've ever shopped at PacSun, liked a Bill Paxton movie or cheered for Jim or John Paxson
  • Not wearing Suns gear to the game or not cheering at the game
  • Touching any item of clothing with a Lakers logo on it
  • If you still own Robert Horry Suns gear
  • If you own any Michael Jordan Memoribilia

What constitutes a "fan card violation" in your mind?