Suns One On One: Dragic Rock Star, Dad and Potential All-Star

By Greg Esposito,
Posted: December 18, 2013

Suns Goran Dragic, the first guest ever on the podcast, joins Suns One On One host Greg Esposito again to discuss a busy six month in the guard's life. He shares what it was like to be treated like a rock star in his home country of Slovenia during the European championships over the summer, what it was like to help lift a struggling country, what it's been like to be a dad, the Suns fast start and much more.

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Preview: At the 10:00 mark of the podcast-

“Last season everybody was down. This season is totally opposite. For me the last five-six months has been unbelievable. I got a European championship at home, got married, have baby and now we're playing well. I'm playing well. The whole organization is doing well."