Suns Fantasy Scouting Report

Posted: Dec. 16, 2013

Each week, a selection of highly regarded former NBA coaches, assistant coaches and scouts will provide Phoenix fans with their insights, official scouting reports and “inside tips” to help contestants play in our weekly Suns Fantasy Challenge, presented by Casino Arizona.

The developer of our new-and-improved fantasy game, Hotbox Sports, has assembled a roster of coaching minds, who will assist you in selecting your lineup each week. But before we dive into this week's scouting report, we need to congratulate Djayjo99 from Erie, PA, who won $200 as part of the HotBox Sports Cup program, along with a Phoenix Suns Yearbook.

A reminder to all Suns fans, all you need to do is register and set your lineup in the Suns Fantasy Challenge for a chance to win $20,000 in cash prizes and great Suns gear.


  • Dec. 18 vs. San Antonio Spurs
  • Dec. 20 @ Denver Nuggets
  • Dec. 21 vs. Dallas Mavericks


Goran Dragic (Guard)

Dragic has been a reliable fantasy point guard this season. He is a stats superstar for the Suns and is proving his worth every night. I love him against Dallas on Saturday 12-21. Dragic will put constant pressure on the Dallas backcourt tandems with pick and rolls and his crafty ability to score at the rim. He’s a “must start” next week for fantasy and should put up big numbers against Dallas.

P.J.Tucker (Forward)

Tucker has been an inconsistent scorer this year, but he’s proven he can provide value in other stat categories with his rebounding and defense. I like him vs. the Spurs on 12-18, when he is going up against Manu Ginobili & Marco Belinelli. I believe Tucker can defend and rebound against them very well and he can bust-out after rebounds to score on the fast break.


Eric Bledsoe (Guard)

Bledsoe is a must start in the Hotbox Sports style of fantasy but the question is which night. He brings high volumes of point production, assists, steals and is an overall stat stuffer. I like him against Dallas as he should give Jose Calderon “the business” on Saturday 12-21. With his constant pressure off the pick and roll, along with his almost unstoppable open court play, I look for Bledsoe to approach a triple double. Yes I said it. He’s going to get in a groove and have his way with the Mavs defense.

Miles Plumlee (Center)

Look for Miles Plumlee to have a high-energy game against the Spurs on Wednesday 12-18. Most people would shy away from this match-up, but I expect Plumlee to go right at Spurs bigs Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw. I am predicting a double/double as Miles will provide a much-needed boost for Phoenix which could provide the basis for the Suns to pull-off a home upset of the reigning Western Conference champion Spurs.