March 10, 1993: Miller comes off injured list, reveals that he spent nights for six weeks at a hospital monitoring dietary intake to reduce weight. Claims to have lost 40 pounds, to 285, to ease burden on knees and feet. On the same night, Cedric Ceballos had a career-high 40 points and 12 rebounds in a win over the Sacramento Kings.

Miller: I feel great about myself and everybody feels great about me. I want to show everyone who didn’t pick me in the NBA Draft that I do have a heart.

Barkley: We need Oliver Miller and he can’t help us at 325 pounds, the way he was.

Miller: I’m going to have to go to a tailor.

Forward Cedric Ceballos: I just get to play a bit more against the Kings. They usually guard Charles real tough, so that leaves me open for a lot of layups.

Barkley: Cedric Ceballos, all year, was the player who never got the credit he deserved. For me, he was a godsend. He is going to get open. I loved passing to him out of double teams.

March 17, 1993 – Suns clinch fifth straight playoff berth.

March 23, 1993 – As the West-leading Suns met the East-leading Knicks, things were expected to be interesting. No one expected it to get this interesting, however, as a benches clearing brawl led to a league-record 21 players fined a record $292,500. Kevin Johnson was fined $60,000 and suspended two games for instigating the fight and Knicks guard Doc Rivers was suspended 2 games. New York’s Greg Anthony, who was injured but came off the bench to punch Johnson from behind, was suspended for the remainder of the season. NBA bad-boy Charles Barkley was one of only four players not reprimanded by the league for the altercation.

Colangelo: What I question is how some scrub who’s in street clothes can come off the bench and throw a punch -- a cheap shot -- like that.

KJ: I can live with [the ejections], but I can’t live with a guy who’s not even in uniform throwing a cheap punch. You’re not even looking to defend yourself against him, no more than you would be against one of the coaches.

Barkley: Obviously you don’t want to fight, but in a day and age where athletes really don’t care about their jobs anymore and just want to make money, I think it’s nice that you fight for something you believe in.

Knicks Head Coach Pat Riley: The whole thing was perpetuated by a week-long barrage of media coverage on the Phoenix Suns, about how soft they were, the fact that an Eastern Conference team had beat them in five out of six games, that they weren’t physical. It’s almost like they had to prove their manhood, and they decided it was going to be against us.

Anthony: It was a very immature act on my part. I got involved emotionally. It was really unfortunate. I want to give apologies to the Phoenix Suns’ organization, to fans and to Kevin Johnson. Emotionally, I just got caught up in what I saw happen, but that’s still no excuse for my actions.

Ainge: I don’t consider the Knicks thugs. The way John Starks and Anthony Mason and Doc Rivers play, I’d love to have them on my team. We have nothing personal. The only thing some have personal — I know our whole team is not fond of Greg Anthony… I’m told as Anthony was walking off, he said, “I got him good.” KJ was so angry with Greg Anthony. He wanted to talk to the official and ask why he’d been ejected for being punched by Greg Anthony and he wanted to go after Greg Anthony. Like I said, I love the way Starks, Mason and Rivers play. But Greg Anthony goes overboard. He’s not that good a player, either.

March. 28, 1993 – Barkley returns to Philadelphia for first game since trade, receives thunderous reception, scores 35 points in 110-100 win; fans break into chant of "MVP! MVP!"

Barkley: The [Philly] fans were great. I’ve never had trouble with the fans. They’ve always supported me.

KJ: He stepped up all year and did whatever we needed. He made it easier for all of us.

Barkley: My goal is to not just beat the 76ers. We look at the big picture.

April 6, 1993 – With 1.6 seconds to go after Suns lost 20-point lead on Lakers with 11 minutes left, Majerle takes inbound pass, makes 33-foot three-point basket for 115-114 win and Suns' first-ever season sweep of LA. Majerle jumps on scorer's table to celebrate as cheers last for minutes.

April 8, 1993 – Cedric Ceballos scores 28 but suffers stress reaction in a leg on final play of win at Sacramento.

April 11, 1993 – Suns clinch Pacific Division crown with a 112-99 win over the Jazz at America West Arena in front of a sold-out crowd.

Suns defeat the Timberwolves 98-84 at home for a franchise-record 60th win.

April 16, 1993 – After clinching the best record in the NBA and home-court edge throughout the playoffs. Coach Westphal tells reporters that the season’s final five games were "exhibitions."

Barkley:What hurt us the most was when we took that week off at the end. We never really got our rhythm back, to be honest with you.

April 22, 1993 – Trailing by a point with a :0.5 seconds remaining in Portland, Oliver Miller fires inbound pass from backcourt off the backboard. Barkley scoops up ball and flings it in for 115-114 win, the signature play of season. During the post shot celebration, Kevin Johnson strains medial collateral ligament in knee and is placed on disabled list for the remainder of season.

Barkley: He threw the ball too high. The ball hits the backboard, starts bouncing and nobody moves because they didn’t know the rule. I caught the ball and kind of just heaved it and it went in. I ran up and down the court like I was going crazy, and everyone else looked at me and said, “basket’s no good.” What people didn’t understand is it hit the top of the backboard so it didn’t touch anybody. I was the only person who ran at the basket. It was a lucky shot. I just heaved it at the basket. I was the only person on the court, and the referee, who knew the rule.