Plumlee's Biggest Assist of the Season Helps Fan

Assists on the court are just part of the job for a professional basketball player. Even big men get a few along the way. They’re just a natural part of the game.

When it comes to giving assists off the court, that’s a different story. That is a personal choice. Especially when it comes to assisting a fan during a marriage proposal.

Enter Miles Plumlee.

After having a career year, the Suns big man decided to add another skill to his ever growing resume, good samaritan.

When Steven Garlick tweeted Plumlee a week after the season ended he wasn’t expecting a response to his request. He was reaching out to the second year center on a whim and because of love. Not his love of the Suns, he is a Jazz fan, but because of his girlfriend’s love of the Suns and Plumlee’s play.

“When I was ready to get married I was hit with the trouble of how to make our proposal story different than others,” Garlick told "So I decided to hopefully include one of her favorite players Miles Plumlee in the process. After getting in touch with Miles on Twitter he agreed to help in any way possible and was awesome about everything.”

And Plumlee’s response was quick and surprising.

Last Friday night when Garlick asked his girlfriend and long time Suns fan, Brittany Wrigley, to marry him the big man kept true to his Twitter word. Despite being in New York to watch his brother Mason in the playoffs for the Brooklyn Nets he called to congratulate the couple as they embarked on a new chapter in life.

“He surprised her with a personal phone call on Saturday,” Garlick said. “After talking to Miles on the phone we are excited to now meet him in person when he comes to Utah [next season] to play the Jazz.”

Oh, and about that little part where Steven rooted for the Jazz? Plumlee’s assist may have changed that as well.

“Let’s just say I’m being converted to becoming a Suns fan through this process,” he admitted. “By marrying Brittany, watching Miles Plumlee, and with Jeff Hornacek being the coach, let’s just say my tune has changed. Plus Brittany has to watch every Suns game. So, yes, you can call me a convert to the Phoenix Suns!”

So while the official statistics may show Plumlee with only 43 assists on the season, you now know how he picked up his 44th. In the eyes of Steven and Brittany, it was probably his biggest and most impactful one as well.