Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Blazers Round 1, Game 2

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Amare Stoudemire

Jason Richardson

Steve Nash

Grant Hill

Nate McMillan

Andre Miller

Nicolas Batum

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

It was important for us to get out to a good start, No. 1 and No. 2, it was important for us to establish that we were going to be aggressive in transition and try to get some easy baskets. I thought we got off to a good start in that particular area right there and as the game went on I thought we got stronger in that area and it wasn’t so much that we ran and got fastbreak layups, but we ran and got easy shots. We didn’t give them a chance to get their defense established. They’re really good – I think they’re as good as anyone in the NBA if you get them in a half-court defense. I thought we did a good job of pushing the tempo of the game and we ended up with some open shots for J-Rich and those guys because (Portland) couldn’t quite get back and get their half-court defense established.


Suns Forward Amare Stoudemire

We came out with great focus from the start. We knew Portland was a dangerous team from Game 1 and tonight we came out with phenomenal focus and we played well and played together and played great defensively. That being said, it allowed us to get the win.


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

1 was tough – I had a tough coverage guarding Andre Miller and I just didn’t bring the energy I normally bring for this team. Tonight I just wanted to be aggressive and help as much as I could. I was [upset after Game 1]. I couldn’t sleep until four or five in the morning, just watching the game over and over and over and seeing everything I did wrong.


Suns Guard Steve Nash

I think we were just more aggressive getting the ball up the floor and moving bodies around so they weren’t set and they weren’t able to zone-it-up as well. I thought we did a good just keeping the game in a little better tempo whether it was in transition or in the half-court just moving the ball around and our bodies around giving ourselves the opportunity to get into the seams of the defense.


Suns Forward Grant Hill

I thought in Game 1 we just didn’t show up. We’d been playing very well since the All Star break and I just don’t think we showed up ready to play – some of that was Portland. I thought our energy was really good, our spirit was good, we came out really focused and we played hard on both ends.


Blazers Head Coach Nate McMillan

They got to that tempo that they wanted. They came out aggressive and you can expect that after losing a game. We talked about a sense of urgency that they came out with and we needed to match that and we never did that.


Blazers Guard Andre Miller

They came out and played physical, something they don’t do as much but that was a sense of urgency game for them. Their wing players shot the ball well, got some easy baskets and got them going early. Those are veteran guys that are in the playoffs and they know what it takes to get back into a rhythm. Steve (Nash) got everybody involved early. They were a little bit more aggressive on defense as far as trapping the ball, trapping LeMarcus in the post. We were prepared for it, we just didn’t react. The game just went by fast. They hit us; the transition game. That’s what they’ve been doing all year, getting easy baskets, transition baskets. They played a good game.


Blazers Forward Nicolas Batum

Grant is a great player, a great defender. He played great defense on the dribbler and now we have to adjust. We have to play the whole game and we have to play with this to win the series. We played a good game in the first game, we denied them. We let them play their game, just run and fast break. Steve Nash had 9 assists in one quarter. We let them play their game and that’s why we lost tonight. We have to come back, watch tape tomorrow, practice and work and go back Thursday at home.