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On Sunday, Steve Nash made it two in a row with his second consecutive NBA MVP award.
(Barry Gossage/NBAE Photos)
MVP's Style As Sharp As His Game

By Josh Greene,
Posted: May 7, 2006

With a second-consecutive NBA MVP award to his credit, Steve Nash’s style on the court needs no improvement. Lately the same can be said for his style off it, too.

When he was accepting his first MVP award last May, the All-Star point guard was decked out in what then was some pretty unfamiliar territory – a button-down shirt – a fact which was not lost on his teasing Suns teammates, who were as in awe of his wardrobe as they were with his league kudos.

One year and an NBA-mandated dress code later and Nash even one-upped himself by adding a dress jacket to his ensemble as he accepted his second MVP trophy Sunday at US Airways Center.

“Steve’s come a long way with his attire the last few years,” Suns Chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo laughed. “He was pretty straggly when we pulled him out of Dallas. With the new dress code, he doesn’t have a choice.”

Raja Bell added, “On a big day like today, there’s no problem with bringing out the good stuff. You want to be the best and look the best.”

Looking the best at work has not been much of a problem for the 10-year NBA veteran, who posted career highs in points (18.8), rebounds (4.2), minutes (35.5), field goal percentage (51%) and free-throw percentage (92%) this season. With the absence of three of the Suns’ top scorers from a season ago, Nash further raised his game, leading Phoenix to its second consecutive Pacific Division title and a league-leading 108.4 ppg,

Handing out a league-high 10.5 assists a contest, Nash also helped six of his teammates to their own career highs in scoring, including Boris Diaw.

“You have to be one of the greatest players to get two MVP awards in a row,” the Frenchman said. “That’s being good and consistent, and that’s the best thing you can ask for from a player. Sometimes he’s just doing crazy moves, things we’ve never seen before, and sometimes even we don’t know how he finds his way to the basket.”

Moves like that are just one reason why the 32-year-old joined Hall of Famer Magic Johnson as the only point guards in league history to take home multiple MVP trophies and just the ninth player to win the award in consecutive seasons.

“That’s two in a row," Shawn Marion smiled. “It’s a great honor for Steve, and I’m happy for him."

As for the Matrix taking credit for Nash’s newfound fashion sense when it comes to these “annual” awards ceremonies, the All-Star forward admitted, “We didn’t do anything. The league did that. He can shop easily. He can go into a store and buy anything off the rack. He’s just the perfect size to buy anything (laughs).”

“Steve’s all about transformation," Colangelo added. "If you look at his body back when we drafted him, he has a different look today. He worked at becoming an athlete. He wasn’t necessarily that way when he came out of college. He had a close-cropped hairstyle and he became a shaggy dog, so that’s quite the transformation in itself. The one thing that’s been consistent with him is his character. He’s a terrific young man. He was then and he is now.”

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