O'Neal Still Awaiting Final Medical Tests

Posted: January 30, 2013

Suns center Jermaine O’Neal could be seen undergoing a strenuous individual workout after shootaround Wednesday. But he still won’t be seen on the court against the Lakers tonight.

After detecting an irregular heartbeat last week, the veteran big man will receive word on the last of his many medical tests Wednesday afternoon. However, after missing over a week of action, O’Neal would spend a few practices working back into game shape even if cleared by doctors today.

Since experiencing what he said felt like a “heart attack” last Monday, O’Neal claims that once he hits a certain depth in his breathing, he begins having difficulty. The six-time All-Star also claims that the heart is still beating irregularly.

“We don’t know exactly what originally triggered it,” O’Neal said. “But now I know what can trigger it again.”

O’Neal has dealt with a heart murmur his entire life, but has never experienced anything like this before. He said he’s undergone every medical test imaginable over the past week to pinpoint the cause of the palpitations.

However, even if the doctors knew what the cause was, O’Neal said returning the heart to a normal beating pattern could take up to two weeks. On the bright side, after talking with doctors, the Suns’ reserve center doesn’t believe this will sideline him for the rest of the year though.

“Once the heart gets back to beating regularly,” he said, “I’ll be fine.”

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