By Stefan Swiat,
Posted: June 28, 2012

When Kendall Marshall walked into University of North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams’ office the day before the 2012 NBA Draft, the two talked about their best-case scenario. On draft night, that scenario was realized.

Williams hoped that whichever team selected Marshall was a team that played up-tempo. When the Suns nabbed Marshall with the No. 13 pick, Williams knew that both Marshall and the Suns got exactly what they wanted.

By Aaron Seidlitz,
Posted: June 25, 2012

There are plenty of reasons why an NBA general manager could become nervous at this time of year.

The 2012 NBA Draft is just three days away. The free agent moratorium period – when negotiations can occur but contracts cannot be signed – begins July 1. Numerous trade scenarios are floating around that can change the landscape of the draft and the league.

In essence, the time is now for shaping the kind of team that will take the court next season.

By Jeramie McPeek,
Posted: June 21, 2012

Alvin Gentry was not surprised to see the Miami Heat clinch the NBA Championship in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Thursday. In fact, he expected it.

“Miami knew they did not want to get back on a plane and fly to Oklahoma City, and they played that way,” he told ABC 15’s Craig Fouhy after the Heat knocked out the Thunder, 121-106.