Apparently Kobe Bryant’s teammates aren’t following him on Twitter.

The Lakers’ All-Star guard, who missed his second-straight game on Monday night with a severe ankle sprain, guaranteed a win via 140 characters earlier in the afternoon.

“He must have seen our score against the Wizards,” joked Suns swingman and Twitter aficionado Jared Dudley after an impressive 99-76 Phoenix victory.

Posted: March 19th, 2013

A long season doesn’t just take its toll on a fanbase. It takes its toll on players too.

One of the players who has taken this season of missed opportunities and misplaced hopes hardest is Suns is point guard Goran Dragic. He wears tough losses on his face while sitting at his locker after games like a boxer wears the scars from previous bouts that have gone the full 12 round while slumped in his corner in the ring.