By Matt Beardmore
Posted: April 24, 2012

With two games remaining, the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns aren't sure if they're going to make the playoffs or head home early for the summer.

A Utah victory over visiting Phoenix on Tuesday night would answer that question for both teams, but an eighth consecutive loss by the Jazz in this series would give the Suns control of their postseason fate.

By Stefan Swiat,

Posted: April 21, 2012

With both the Suns and Nuggets vying for playoff berths, Saturday’s matinee between the two clubs promised to be an entertaining one. With two of the Top 10 offenses in the league and two of the Top 6 teams in the NBA in field goal percentage facing off, it had all the makings of a down-to-the-wire thriller.

Unfortunately, it was one of those movies where the villain won, with the Suns suffering a 118-107 defeat to the visiting Nuggets.