Have you ever sat in a job interview and wondered exactly what the person across the desk was judging you on? If you’re anything like me, millions of questions probably run through your head. Things like; is my choice of wording in answering the question making me look good or bad? Is there something in my teeth from lunch? Are they looking at my outfit funny?

While you never really get the answers you’re searching for, you know there are a number of factors other than your on-paper qualifications that help determine whether you get in or you’re left out.

Thinking back on the whirlwind that has been the start to his career as the Suns’ new general manager, Ryan McDonough admitted to being amazed at all that had to be accomplished in just 26 days.

Following an introductory press conference, McDonough has had to spearhead the effort to land the organization’s 16th head coach, work on assembling his scouting staff, formulate a plan for pre-draft workouts and handle calls from agents regarding potential draft picks and summer league selections.

In June of 1993 Charles Barkley released his famous “I’m not a role model” decree using his black-and-white NIKE commercial as the vehicle for his public profession. It was his way of very vocally saying that he was nothing more than a very skilled athlete and a very flawed human being. It served as a wake-up call to parents around the globe that it was their job, not his, to provide an example for their children. It was a reminder that he was there to play basketball, sell shoes, say outlandish things and nothing more.

Posted: June 2, 2013

The Phoenix Suns wish to congratulate 19-year NBA veteran Grant Hill on the announcement of his retirement.

“On behalf of the entire Phoenix Suns organization, we would like to congratulate Grant Hill on a Hall of Fame career,” said Managing Partner Robert Sarver. “We all know that he was a tremendous pro, but his greatest contributions are in the example he’s set for others with his work ethic and professionalism, both on and off the court.