If Jeff Hornacek were a movie, he’d be getting four stars for his recent showing at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

That’s the review from the players he coached, anyway. The Suns’ newly minted head coach took his first turn at the helm during the pre-summer league minicamp and 11-day stay in Vegas. The result was a group of players who felt, more than anything, that they were 1) understood, 2) given an opportunity and 3) expected to cash in on that opportunity.

“Don’t get too excited; it’s only Summer League.”

That seems to be the collective mantra from a myriad of NBA analysts and fans alike.

Indeed, success in the summer obviously doesn’t correlate with victories during the subsequent NBA season.

Or, does it?

That is to say, the importance or significance of how teams perform in the Las Vegas Summer League largely depends on varied definitions of “success.”

It took six games in nine days before the Suns were unable to muster another impressive offensive explosion.

The seventh-game lapse, a 91-77 loss to undefeated Golden State, saw Phoenix fall just short of the Summer League trophy after starting their Las Vegas stint 6-0. Archie Goodwin led the Suns with 18 points. Marcus Morris added 17 points, PJ Tucker added 12, and Markieff Morris added 10 points.