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Suns Players Check In Via Twitter

Nash has been tweeting from NYC since the Suns' season ended.
(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)
Posted: April 27, 2011

Wondering what's going on with your favorite Suns players? Well, took the liberty of gathering some of their most interesting tweets since the end of the season, letting you know what they're thinking and what they've been up to since the beginning of the offseason. Check out what we discovered!

Steve Nash: From what we can tell, @SteveNash has been staying active, watching the NBA Playoffs and checking out Lil Wayne concerts. Here's what he had to say:

"Went to the park to shoot jumpers this morning. What else am I going to do?" (April 19)

"Gotta say I want to see @Amareisreal and Mike D'antoni get the win tonight..." (April 19)

"RT @DWilluofA23: me and @SteveNash at the YMCMB concert! (Respect!)" (April 19)

"Beautiful day to do what I do" (April 21)

"I'm a late edition to a charity soccer game at pier 40 in NYC. Nice and rainy like victoria, bc..." (April 23)

"I'm about to start this postseason off right by whoopin my dad's a$$ in tennis. It's now or never. #nomercy" (April 25)

Jared Dudley: The most active of the Suns on Twitter, @JaredDudley619 has been providing constant commentary on a bevy of things, including the NBA Playoffs and NFL Draft. Here's are some of his tweets:

"@michaelmandt Hey what's goin on!! Need u to follow me so I can DM u.. Trying to see the best date to come in studio for @jimrome." (April 27)

"Just beat down @DJBamboozle down in FIFA.. After losing 6times in a row I started playing with Chelsea and I'm 2-0 with 3 ties in my last 5." (April 27)

"OMG!!!!!!! KOBE!!!!!!! Is bangin out tonight!!!!!!" (April 26)

"Ok let's talk NFL Draft for a little bit.. AZ cardinal fans where u at!!!? With ur 5th pick, who would u like to see drafted?" (April 26)

"The last couple days I've been watching TLC learning about The Royal family and Princess Diana!! I never knew the whole story." (April 26)

Grant Hill: Suns forward @RealGrantHill33 has been everywhere since the season ended. Check out what's he's been up to:

"I'm at the orthodontist office with Myla. They have Ice cream, cookies and video games in the lobby. When did they start doing this?" (April 26)

"In car with @realtamiaworld, @bigyog4 and @NGSTEWART and our SUV driver hit a cab. Now arguing in the street.

"Fun times with @realtamiaworld, Victoria Rowell and Radcliffe Bailey. His art is amazing!!" (April 21)

"@RobinRoberts Thanks for having me on this morning. I had a blast. Next time I'll bring my Nike's so we can battle :)" (April 21)

Vince Carter: Besides chatting with teammates via Twitter, Suns shooting guard @mrvincecarter15 has been extending offers to his fans using social media. Here's what he's tweeting:

"If anyone is in the Daytona Beach area 2nite stop by my restaurant & get a good meal. Vince Carter's 2150 LPGA Blvd. Daytona Beach,Fl 32117." (April 24)

"@JaredDudley619 what up my boy...u in Diego yet? U know where I am...on the golf cart...haaa" (April 23)

Hakim Warrick: Suns forward @HDubb21, who is still hanging out in Phoenix, has been answering fan questions, talking trash to teammates and receiving advice on what movies to see on Twitter. Here's what he's tweeting:

"D.Rose RT @leemiller23: @hdubb21 whos your favorite NBA player besides yourself or anyone on your team." (April 26)

"Bob marley- legend RT @blakekimball: @hdubb21 what is your favorite non rap/r&b album of all time?" (April 26)

"@mrvincecarter15 hey hows my favorite words w/ friends victim doin?" (April 21)

"Ok Lincoln lawyer it is." (April 20)

Josh Childress: Suns forward @JChillin has been doing some spring cleaning that has proved beneficial to fans. See what he's tweeting:

"Anybody know of some underprivileged big kids that could use some clothes and shoes?" (April 23)

"Cleaning my closet. Who remembers the old school Roy Jones Jr's?" (4/22)

Garret Siler: Suns center @Big_G_21, who has been working out in Phoenix, has been going hiking, to concerts and receiving lasik eye surgery. Here's what he's tweeting:

"Straight thuggin my g lol (April 26)

"About to go down (kevin hart voice) (April 26)

"About to get this lasik today everybody wish me luck I'm with @TeamEyeDoc hoping for a great job so I can get those eagle eyes." (April 26)

"Think imma go round 2 of hiking camelback in the morning hopefully if I get up early enough but I have definitely gotta find a closer parking spot this time." (April 22)

"Weezy is doin his thing and now nicki is going wild with the clothes but she is going hard." (April 19)

"At the D backs vs giants game I'm ready to see the D backs greatest fan I promised a video for @Channing_Frye." (April 16)

"Here we go" (April 16)

Channing Frye: Suns power forward @Channing_Frye has rapidly become one of the most active Suns on Twitter, tweeting about a variety of topics. Here's what he's tweeting:

"Aight guys on a lighter note- what do y'all think about will ferral on The Office now?" (April 27)

"Twerps it's early but I need some ideas for two charity events in Phx and Portland shoot me some ideas. Oh and have a great day!" (April 27)

Mickael Pietrus: Suns swingman @MickaelPietrus, who is one of the most colorful Suns off the court, can tweet in both English and French. See what he's been doing here:

"Friday shopping lol" (April 22)

"Check out my MP Coffee MUG ...You can get the same one on Trust me it keeps it hot 2 the last drop" (April 19)

Aaron Brooks: Suns point guard @Thirty2zero has been chiming in on the NBA Playoffs. See what he's tweeting:

"Cant wait till the 4th quarter of this hornets vs lakers game. Derek Fisher time!" (April 26)

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