Tucker Gets Get-Well Cards for ASU Alumni

Barry Gossage/NBAE

Count P.J. Tucker as an example of winning gracefully.

The Suns forward did, after all, think enough of Arizona State alumni to splurge on a bag-full of get-well cards and breakfast sandwiches for them after Tucker’s alma mater (Texas) beat the Sun Devils on a last second shot in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Thursday night.

“There were just a lot of employees here with the Phoenix Suns organization that were kind of japing at me yesterday,” Tucker said with a smile. “I just wanted to make sure I took care of them.”

No one was safe from Tucker’s “kindness”, including members of the Suns front office, media relations and the media themselves.

To be fair, the Suns forward was just catching up on the experience no one seemed eager to share with him during the game.

“Nobody wanted to watch it with me,” Tucker laughed. “That’s the funny thing about this thing. They’re so happy to make it, but they don’t want to watch it with you. It’s like ‘no, no, no. I’ll talk to you later.’ ‘Cause then they want to call you afterwards.”

Some of the Sun Devil alumni didn’t wait that long to call, not when ASU had stormed back to take the lead with two minutes remaining.

“When they were up early and they were playing well, I got a lot of calls and text messages,” Tucker said. “After the game, not so much.”