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"Phoenix Suns On Top"

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"Eric D" of Kiss FM interviews actor Anthony Anderson prior to the recent Phoenix Suns Jack in the Box NBA Celebrity Shootout at America West Arena.
Local DJ Puts "Suns on Top"

Posted: April 27, 2005
By Josh Greene,

Every Suns fan has been thinking it all season long, but it took a Valley DJ to actually put it to music.

104.7 KISS FM’s Eric D’s song, “Phoenix Suns on Top” has seen regular airplay on his station ever since it was introduced right before the start of the NBA Playoffs. The pro-Suns tune came to the DJ when he heard 50 Cent’s “Hate It or Love It” on his car radio. He then began rewording the rapper’s version and within a few nights had something that ultimately found its way onto KISS FM’s music rotation.

“The chorus goes, ‘Hate it or love it, the underdogs are on top,’” said Eric DiMaggio, about 50 Cent’s original version. “You think underdogs and you think sports. The year the Suns have been having has just been phenomenal. Nobody expected them to be this good this year. They went from a team that struggled and didn’t make the playoffs last year to a team that’s on top of it all. So the song was just talking to me.”

Equally proud of his song and the Suns’ success this season, the weekend on-air personality and morning show producer said he wrote the song “for the fans and the team itself.”

“It makes me feel good to know that I’m sending chills up the fans’ spines when they hear this,” he added. “When I was writing this I was thinking, ‘I have to grab their attention. I have to be unique with this.’ I wanted to capture the moment of this year.”

“These are all great guys. Q, Nash, Amaré, all of them are great guys. And that’s what makes this team special. Not only are they great on the court, but off it as well.”

Phoenix Suns On Top

Written by Eric DiMaggio, a.k.a. “Eric D,”
Executive Producer,
Kid and Ruben in the Morning,
KZZP 104.7 Kiss FM

Yeah, let's take 'em to the rack

Sittin down in the crowd, watchin the ball twirl
Illusion occurs, Suns champions of the world?
Haven’t been to the Finals, since 19-93
My favorite players used to be, "Barkley & Thunder Dan Majerle"
Now this year’s lookin’ good, and we’re no joke
Tryin to win a ring, and there’s a lotta hope
We’re not comin’ last and we’re not gonna choke
If we can beat the Spurs and Heat, now that'd be dope
Lost and won some games a few nights
Woke up the next mornin, gotta catch another flight
Different day, a new game, playin good on the wood
Let’s take this Championship like ya’ll know that we should

[Chorus 2X:]
Hate it or love it, The Phoenix Suns are on top
And they gon' shine homey until they hearts stop
(Go 'head envy Steve, he’s the league’s M.V.P.)
(And he ain't goin nowhere, so you can get to know ‘em)

Ph Ph Ph Phoenix Suns Dancers! I like her, her, her and her
Gorilla jumps through fires, dunks with the high flyers
Rides the motorcycle when timeouts are long
And gets into it, that's the true meanin of a cheerleader
Q & J.J. hittin’ 3’s, your team’s gettin’ nauseous
Believe you me homey, play us and collect losses
We’re from Phoenix, we’re better ballas, be cautious
Complain to the ref and you’re the one that he tosses
Matrix, Nash and Amare, best hoopin’
Since that team with K.J and Charles Barkley
That's ten years, who knew we’d pass win 59
Team’s second best record back in 94-95
Givin’ thanks to all the fans Valley wide
Please believe we gon’ try, to raise that gold trophy in the sky
Like M.J. after winnin’ his first then he cried
Just gotta listen to D’Antoni, A.K.A Coach “Don”
Cuz he’s the smart guy!