Suns Trendy “March Madness” Pick Among Players

Getty Images

What if the NBA Playoffs were a one-and-done affair? Which team would you pick to make a Cinderalla run?

That’s what asked players recently, and you’re never going to believe this, but the Suns were a popular answer.

Paul George of the Pacers was one of the advocates for Phoenix making a run in the hypothetical bracket. That’s a mark of respect and memory from the All-Star forward, who remembers well how the Suns beat his contending Pacers team twice this season.

"I think Phoenix. I think the Suns could do it because that’s a consistent team. They don’t rely on just one or two players to get most of their offense. They really spread things around. They really get after you all the time. They always play hard and bring it to you. They always want to attack. And in a tournament setting, they’ve got enough guys to make shots and make plays. They would just have to get hot at the right time, which we’ve seen from them this season. They’ve taken down tough opponents. They beat us twice, OKC. So that’s a team that could be very dangerous if it was tournament time."

George wasn’t alone. Teammate Roy Hibbert also gave the Suns an edge in a one-and-done setting, as did Matt Bonner (Spurs), Chandler Parsons (Rockets), Dwyane Wade (Heat), Danny Green (Spurs) and Francisco Garcia (Rockets).

“I guess if look at the West, I’d say Phoenix could be a bracket-busting Butler,” Wade said. “That’s a team that could get hot. Lot of weapons, lot of different people and ways to score and they don’t seem to let up. That style they play, they’re always going.”