Suns React to LeBron's One-Man Dunk Contest

NBAE/Getty Images

Apparently that magical revitalizing effect US Airways Center has on NBA players extends even to LeBron James.

The Heat forward put on a show in The Annexus Practice Court on Monday immediately following Miami’s practice, using the various walls, pillars and props in the building to hold his own personal dunk contest.

Against a field of no one, James unofficially won both the contest and the approval of those who saw video of his aerial feats.

“Obviously he’s a great player,” Suns Head Coach Jeff Hornacek told Arizona Sports 98.7 radio. “He’s tremendous in the open court and those are just examples of what he can do when there’s nobody in his way.”

But the passes to himself off of various objects were impressive, right?

“Throwing balls off the wall? I could’ve done that,” Hornacek laughed.

“It’s all in the pass,” he continued. “Once the ball bounces up to the rim, anybody that can jump up there and dunk it would be able to do that.”

James’ aerial antics are well-documented both for their impressiveness and location. While his in-game dunks are well-regarded, he usually saves more showy versions for practice or pre-game warmups.

If the latter occurs in tonight’s game, expect Phoenix’s own high-flyer, Gerald Green, to respond accordingly.

“I guess today in pre-game warmups, we’ll see what happens,” Green said. “We’ll see if he does something. If he does something, of course I’m going to do something. This is my home team. I can’t let him show me up like that."

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