Suns Look to Defy Odds One More Time

Getty Images

Will Phoenix finish what it started?

That’s what everyone is wondering with eight games remaining and the Suns mired in the middle of a playoff push. Four teams are vying for three spots, and all of two games separates the top (Golden State) from the bottom (Memphis) in that quartet.

The Suns currently hold the middle ground in the NBA’s version of musical chairs, though they have the toughest remaining schedule out of the four clubs in question. Six of their final eight games are against top-nine West teams, and five of them are on the road.

That’s music to the Suns’ ears, since long odds are what inspired this year’s team in the first place.

They weren’t talented enough to win 19 games total…until they won 19 games before New Year’s Day of 2014. They were going to crash to earth without Eric Bledsoe (knee surgery)…then they proceeded to hover above .500 until he returned.

“We’re playing on house money,” Channing Frye said during that stretch.

“Nobody expected anything from us,” Goran Dragic added.

It helps that such odds-defying attitudes are ingrained modes of thinking and not just a one-year fad. Frye has been proving people wrong from the moment the Suns announced he could play this season. Remember, an enlarged heart had many thinking he was done. Nearly 30 minutes, 11.3 points and two three-pointers made per game have proved otherwise.

Dragic hasn’t forgotten the “experts” both American and European who predicted an underwhelming future when he declared for the draft. Six years, a career year and countless media appearances later, he still brings it up. (Sidenote: those Hollinger Playoff Odds are named after the guy who once labeled Dragic the “worst player in the league”).

It’s the same up and down the roster. Markieff Morris has torched the “in” from inconsistent. Marcus Morris has traded labels, going from tweener to sniper. Gerald Green is far more than “just a dunker.” Eric Bledsoe is proving that yes, he is a starting-quality guard. And no, turns out Jeff Hornacek is not “too nice.”

Proving doubters wrong is nothing new for this team.

In truth, it’s what they do best.