SB Nation Lauds Speed of Dragic, Suns

by Matt Petersen

The Suns are quick, but they're not so fast people can't see them.

SB Nation writer Mike Prada has seen plenty this season, enough for him to devote a piece based on the Suns' uptempo offense and the cog he feels makes it go, veteran guard Goran Dragic.

As a point guard, Dragic was fast. As an off guard, he has no peer. Take a look at all these fast breaks that happen because Dragic zips out on the wing."

Suns fans are, of course, familiar with those scenes, having seen "The Dragon" do his thing in Parts 1 and 2, respectively, if his career in Phoenix. Prada doesn't take as kind a view of the Suns' defense despite evidence to the contrary:

The piece also gives some love to Channing Frye, Markieff Morris and the Suns' overall balance on the floor. Phoenix Head Coach Jeff Hornacek has ensured the latter by employing lineups that pose shooting threats at every position, which punish teams for attempting to play small ball.

There's a nice balance in the team's skills that allows the offense to thrive despite this simplicity. Bledsoe and Dragic love to get to the rim, Plumlee rolls hard into open space, Tucker has mastered the corner three (49 percent from there, per, Frye is proficient above the break (44 percent, per and the Morris twins can score from pretty much anywhere, allowing them to serve as second-unit initiators.

Prada's piece is well worth a look both for his take as well as the frequent YouTube clip breakdowns. It's a shame he didn't include this clip, however, when talking about Miles Plumlee's defense:

...or this one...

...or this one...