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One-on-One with Aaron Brooks

Guard Aaron Brooks talks with members of the media following his 2007 pre-draft workout with the Suns.
(Josh Greene/Suns Photos)
By Brad G. Faye,
Updated: February 24, 2010

On Thursday, the Phoenix Suns pulled the trigger on a deal which landed them a new 26-year-old point guard, Aaron Brooks. A former Oregon Duck, Brooks was almost drafted by the Suns back in 2007, but was instead drafted by the Houston Rockets.

Following his initial workout with the Suns, caught up with Brooks, and below is a copy of the interview that transpired.

Question: Can you talk about how you think it went today?

Aaron Brooks: I think I did pretty good. I showed them my speed and that I can also shoot the ball.

Question: How well do you feel you would fit into the Suns’ run-and-gun system?

Brooks: Phoenix likes to get up and down so it’s a great system for me. I think it would definitely be a great fit. They like to get out and run, shoot the ball and that definitely fits my game.

Question: Who in the league would you compare your game to?

Brooks: I don’t want to compare myself to the great Steve Nash so I’m going to have to compare myself to Tony Parker and TJ Ford but with a better jumpshot.

Question: Have you stood out in any workouts to the point you may have an idea where you’ll be drafted?

Brooks: These things are really tricky. You just have to put your best foot forward and hope that a team likes you. I just want to give each team my best showing. I don’t know if I’ll go first or second round, but I know I can play in this league and that’s the mentality you have to have.

Question: What has been your number one priority throughout these workouts?

Brooks: Just proving that I’m capable of playing at this level. People think because of my size that I can’t play at this level, but I think I’ve got enough heart and will to get better and drive in this league so nothing can stop me.

Question: What would you say to those who look at your size as a disadvantage?

Brooks: I think that the NBA has kind of shifted to a smaller man’s game. I think we saw that from Golden State this past season and the Suns these past few seasons. It’s become a quicker game and that suites the way I play.

Question: Do you feel playing in the PAC-10 during your college career was an advantage to you in any way?

Brooks: I think it allowed the Suns to see me a little bit more. I think the East Coast teams go to bed a little earlier and don’t get as good a chance to see the West Coast college teams play. I think teams out west had better opportunities to see me play.