Lindsey Hunter

Luis Scola

Wesley Johnson

Rick Adelman

Jose Barea

Ricky Rubio

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Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On the turnovers)

"We were making passes where we were trying to be too fancy or tried to thread the needle too thin. You just have to do what the game tells us to do. When we play that way, we are pretty good and when we don't 28 turnovers is the result. You can't beat anybody if you turn the ball over 28 times. That was the focus of our discussion. We just have to focus on that the last two games to not turn the ball over and do what the games tell us to."

"I think it was a combination of trying to be too fancy and trying to make passes that are too high risk. You have to make the simple play. If you make the right play every time, the spectacular tends to happen. If you try to make the spectacular happen, you tend to turn the ball over."

"We had a pretty good handle on the game until we started to turn the all over. When you give the other team easy baskets, it gives them confidence and that's what happened."

On team possibly looking at the exit (giving up)

"That door is not quite open yet. We can't take our eyes off of that and get back to what we are doing.

(On Wes Johnson and Markieff Morris)

"I thought Wes played well. I thought Markieff played pretty well. Guys have to keep working and I thought those guys worked.”


Luis Scola

(On tonight's game)

"It was a bad game. We didn't play well; we had a lot of turnovers. We played well the first half but we had a lot of turnovers. It's very difficult to play that way."

"It wasn't a bad night all-around. Sooner or later it's going to catch up to you. You can't play with that many turnovers. Sooner or later it's a bad thing. We were doing a lot of good things but that many turnovers soon or later the game turns around."


Wesley Johnson

(On what changed the game)

"I think the main thing was turnovers and them getting easy buckets. I'll admit it. And them getting transition points off our turnovers. I think that was what cause of it; the explosion that they did have, the little run they did and got the momentum on their side."

(On his shooting tonight)

"Yeah it felt good to leave it at that especially playing against them. It felt good to be back out there. I felt like I was in a groove to start off the game; everybody was doing a good job of finding me with the extra passes and everything. I was just staying aggressive and staying confident in my shot."

(On if he feels better having a good shooting night here in Minnesota)

"No not at all. It always feels good when you see a shot go in. But to start off the game like I did it wasn't different than any other game I start off. Just going out and playing the second half of the season."


Head Coach Rick Adelman

(On the game)

"We shot the ball well; made some big plays. We got banged up due to our size a little bit but for the most part we were able to score and keep the lead."

(On Ricky being confident with his shot)

"I think so. It's his shot selection too. He's just got to slow down and see where is opportunities are. We were 10 points up and you have the lead with four minutes to go. He tried to drive in and J.J. tried to drive in and all of sudden it's a six point game. There is a time and place for everything. We have to lead; make them guard us. They didn't guard us very well all night long. We still have to learn that."

(On the pregame ceremony)

"It was nice. I didn't really expect that. I knew they said something was going on but I didn't really expect it. It was really nice. A lot of really good people up there that had something to say. I'm glad we got the win; glad we got the win."


Jose Barea

(On the win)

"It was great, we just needed a little push there at the end to get us over the top and we did a good job. We got some stops and we knocked some shots down. It was great finish."

(On Second half energy)

"We played a little bit harder, we got some loose balls and we started to be more aggressive on offense and it worked out. In the 1st half we were just going through the motions and coach gave us a little bit of a talk at halftime and we came out ready to go in the 2nd half."

(Did the energy help produce 28 turnovers?)

"We were active tonight and they did a bad job of just throwing the ball all over the place too so it was a little bit of both and it worked out for us tonight."

(Thoughts on starting small to start game)

"I think it was a great move by coach, you see how it was and then Stiemer came in and did a great job so I think coach felt like starting him in the 2nd half and he did a good job all game so it worked out for us."

(On Ricky stayeing aggressive all game)

"I told him to stay aggressive no matter what happens and today he was extra aggressive and he got into the lane, made some jump shots, made some free throws and made a three at the end so it was good for him."


Ricky Rubio

(On his 18 shots taken tonight)

"Without Pek and without Kevin there are shots to take and I'm going to take them."

(More confidence to keep shooting)

"Yeah, even Kevin, LeBron and Kobe miss some shots so why can't I miss shots? I was struggling a little bit and it was my confidence but I just got through that because you have to play and get through bad moments like that and my teammates trust me and my shot and I like that."

(On defensive pride)

"Yeah, we had a lot of turnovers too but I think our defense was setting. In the beginning our offense wasn't good but what keep us in the game was our defense in the beginning so we could get easy baskets on the fast break and make them turn over the ball a lot."