Postgame Quotes: Suns at Hornets - Feb. 6, 2013

Lindsey Hunter

Jared Dudley

Monty Williams

Robin Lopez

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Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On tough back-to-back)

“Tough, tough loss for us on a back-to-back. Of course we are disappointed, but by no means are we (going to stop trying to improve). We know that there is a long road for us ahead. We are confident that we will get there. We constantly try to build what we call our success city. As we all know, you can’t build anything substantial overnight. We’ll go about with our hard hats on in a workman way as usual, and we will keep building.”

(On this loss)

“Not many positives that we can take from the game tonight. We turned the ball over. We didn’t have as many assists as we would like to have. They (the Hornets) shot over 50 percent from the field, so you put a big strain on your offense when a team shoots that high of a percentage. Like I said, I am discouraged, but I am still encouraged because I know where we are going to be and I know how we are going to do it. We just have to keep trusting the process."


Jared Dudley

(On difference in the game)

“I thought the game slowed down in the second half. I thought both teams were scoring the ball at a very fast pace. I thought defensively they took us out of what we wanted to do. We had a lot of unforced and forced turnovers that led to transition points, and defensively I thought they played good team basketball. They were swarming around the open guys and they were hitting the timely shots. I thought the turnovers and their offensive rebounds keeping the ball alive was the difference."

(On comparing the two halves)

“It’s kind of been our story: we’ve done pretty well for the first three quarters and in the fourth we tailed off. Our strategy was defensively to get stops, to control Vasquez and Gordon, and let Aminu get a couple of shots. He shot the ball well being open and getting into the paint. I think the unforced turnovers were the difference. We had a lot of costly turnovers, and it tends to happen more on back-to-back, but obviously it’s more mental. You have to give them credit – they made the plays and we didn’t make the plays and that’s what usually happens in the fourth quarter.


Head Coach Monty Williams

(On the win)

“We just defended better in the second half. I thought nobody broke the mold as far as scoring the ball in the second half, but we did enough to get stops and scores when we needed it, opportunities at the basket and timely shots. I thought Greivis (Vasquez) had big time command of the game tonight. He was pretty special as far as finding guys and attacking the basket. His defense was pretty good on (Goran) Dragic. Chief (Al-Farouq Aminu) comes up with a double-double. Robin (Lopez) was pretty impactful in the paint tonight as far as being around the basket, distracting shots, hitting close shots around the rim. That was pretty good for us. It was a big time team win for us.”

(On struggling early in the fourth)

“When you have two rookies in the back court and a 21-year-old as a small forward, you don’t have a lot of experience. With Austin (Rivers), Brian (Roberts) and ‘X’ (Xavier Henry) out there, it’s pretty tough on Ryan (Anderson) and Jason (Smith). Sometimes I feel for those guys when they are playing with young guys like that, but I like the fact that they weren’t afraid, and at the same time, we were getting stops as well, so it didn’t hurt as bad even though they got back in the game and cut it to four or two. We were able to get our starters back in there and close it out.”


Robin Lopez

(On third quarter momentum swing)

“I think the important thing was that we were playing well on the offensive and the defensive end. The key in the 2nd quarter was that we played well on the offensive end, and in the 3rd we played well defensively.”

(On the team's effort)

“One of the primary focuses on Monday or Tuesday was our aggressiveness. We wanted to make sure we went out there and beat up on each other; it was nice to see some carry over. We have to play like that the next three games too.”