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Lavoy Allen

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Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the Jrue Holiday Match Up)

"Well, yeah. Bassy Telfair played him pretty good, and really Jrue made some tough shots. He made some really good shots. Obviously, if you’re going off of screen after screen after screen, eventually he’s pretty good with the ball, and he’s going to free himself up. Overall, his 33 points hurt, but those aren’t the ones that beat us. The ones that beat us were the ones that we gave up when we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do. When rotations broke down and we rotated up from the corner when we weren’t supposed to, or we pre-rotated, or we tried to go for steals. That’s what got us in trouble. So we just have to correct that."

(On the Beasley Miss)

"Yeah, a lay-up. We just have to get it in the basket. I don’t know how it came out really, but it’s exactly what we were trying to do. We put him [Michael Beasley] in a position to make a play for us, and he felt like he could get to the basket. He did a great job of getting there, shot it like it was going in and for some reason, it just came out."


Markieff Morris

(On Playing at Home in Philadelphia)

"It felt good. We had a tough loss. We battled back, but it felt good to finally play at home, and it even felt better to start. I got to see my family, spend the day with my family and stuff, so it felt good."

(On His Role as a Starter)

"Regardless of what I’m doing, I just want to go and play hard. I want to be that guy who grabs rebounds, stretch possessions, gets defensive stops and stuff like that. But I’m excited to be in the starting line-up and keep playing with intensity every game."


Head Coach Doug Collins

(On the Suns' Comeback)

"Well, that was a struggle to say the least. Phoenix is a team that can really score that ball. We know from his days in college that Michael Beasley is one of the premier scorers. Alvin [Gentry, Phoenix Suns Head Coach] uses him in games when he’s got it going, he keeps him out there. He was terrific for them today. [Marcin] Gortat in the third quarter, I think he had 14 points in the third quarter. We had that 80-70 lead, looked like we were getting a little separation, and made some mental mistakes. They ran off 11 in a row on us, and thank God Jrue [Holiday] was on today. He was fantastic."

(On the Game)

"First half, outrebounded by 10. I think we were a little bit better in the second half, we outrebounded them by two. This was one of those games where I just kept looking at our coaches and said, 'We better keep scoring because we’re not stopping them.' We gave them 34 in that third quarter, but good win. Our guys were mentally fatigued. When we get mentally tired, we have a lot of breakdowns, and so that’s an area we’ve really go to get better. We’ve got to get a lot better at that."


Lavoy Allen

(On His Offensive Game)

"Well, that last shot I wanted to take a little time off the clock, so I didn’t want to shoot the ball too early. But if I’m open, he tells me to take the shot. I mean, I have confidence in my offensive game regardless of if I shoot the ball well or not. I’ve just got to continue to play well."

(On Emphasizing Rebounding)

"It’s a big emphasis. Coach brings it up pretty much every game. Going into halftime on our home court and being down double digits in rebounds, so that’s something that we’ve got to pick up."