Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Nuggets - April 21, 2012

Alvin Gentry

Shannon Brown

Steve Nash

George Karl

Ty Lawson

Kenneth Faried

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Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the game)

“We just had a really tough time slowing them down. We could never get them under control at the start of the third quarter. They got a couple of easy layups and we struggled to slow them down from there. They’re just a really good offensive team; they keep the pressure on you. You turn the ball over against them and they are going to make you pay, and obviously 22 points is too many points off the turnovers. You look at fast break points and it’s 26 to 2, so it’s just not a good match-up for us at the end of the day.”

(On the defense)

"Our whole team was lost defensively, I don’t think it was one guy. I thought Hakim (Warrick) was fine. It was everything else that we struggled with. We struggled with keeping guys in front of us, we struggled with the offensive rebounds. I don’t like the phrase of a must-win situation because we still control our own destiny. We play in Utah Tuesday and back here Wednesday, we will just have to see what happens."


Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown

(On the remaining games)

"It’s definitely kind of like a must win because we want to win every last one of these games to solidify us having a spot. It was a tough loss, but we got to bounce back. We got to go into Utah – a tough environment, tough atmosphere, tough team – and we got to win. That’s basically what it comes down to and then we’ve got to win the next game, not thinking ahead though."


Suns point guard Steve Nash

(On the Utah game)

"Big game at Utah, obviously. It’s disappointing to lose tonight, but we’re still in a great position. We’ve given ourselves a chance to control our own destiny still, so we’ve got to regroup and have a great performance in Salt Lake (City)."


Nuggets Head Coach George Karl

(On the game)

"What I liked about the game: I thought we came together, made a step, understanding it, we played a smart, more complete game tonight. I think Kenneth (Faried) was really good, Corey (Brewer) gave us some great minutes, the little guy (Ty Lawson) was really good too, but I don’t want to kiss him too much, I think he should do that more often. Ty (Lawson) was special tonight. I think he took the Nash (Steve) challenge, because last time we played them he didn’t play very well."

(On the win)

"It was an incredible win for us. To win on the road, never going under 10 points in the second half, that’s a pretty impressive win. That’s something the big boys do and tonight I think we played a lot like a big time team."


Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson

(On facing Nash)

"I don’t think its personal, it’s never personal. Maybe against the Phoenix organization, because they picked someone else in front of me when I came out of the draft. So I mean that is probably the only added motivation I have. It has nothing against Steve (Nash). He is definitely one of my idols so you always want to see how good you are against your idols. I mean he is a great player and I just played well today."


Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried

(On making playoffs in first season)

"It means a lot to me. We wanted to get back to the playoffs as a team and that is basically what we were focusing on. For me to be a big part of that helps and it feels very, very good and is a blessing in disguise to have me as a rookie playing on a playoff team, start, and been doing the things that I have been."