Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Thunder - April 18, 2012

Alvin Gentry

Jared Dudley

Steve Nash

Scott Brooks

James Harden

Kevin Durant

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the game)

"I thought we got off to a good start and had good energy. Obviously the second foul on Steve really hurt and took away what we had offensively. Then to end on the quarter they had a 16-0 run or something like that. But, we stayed in the game but we could never really get over the hump. I guess the most disturbing thing was that we never came up with any of the loose balls. For us it was about 20/80 tonight. We have to come up with some of those balls and we just didn’t."

(On having a presence)

"I just didn’t think we had a presence offensively or defensively with our bigs. We have got to have more of a presence from our big guys. That’s finishing at the basket, rebounding the basketball, defending our goal and being a basket protector. We just didn’t get very much out of that tonight."


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On the game)

"They’re very explosive. They can attack the rim; they get to the free throw line. Any time they shoot a lot of free throws, they’re going to win the game, that’s just how they play. (Nick) Collison and (James) Harden – all the 50-50 balls, they got 80 percent of them today and the kick-out threes. And for us, we’re trying to fight to get those 50-50s, we have to keep our composure a little better. I think that game – I’m not going to say it was won or lost – but in that first quarter when you’re up 14 or 15, you’ve got to keep that same lead. They closed that gap real quick in the first quarter and never looked back. "

(On James Harden)

"(James) Harden can obviously attack the basket. He’s got a little (Manu) Ginobili in him, where he puts the ball out, gets to the free throw line, he initiates contact and they did a real good job on offensive rebounds, kicking it to him, getting his three-point shot going, and once he gets his three-point shot, he got his confidence and it seemed like the ball kept finding him with his energy. But it was definitely a tough task for us – the pick and rolls, he was splitting. I mean, there was nothing we did well on the pick and roll coverage when it came to him."


Suns Guard Steve Nash

(On the game)

"I just think we didn’t play very sharp tonight – we missed some layups, free throws. There were stages of the game where we were up two or down four or five, and we missed a lot of opportunities to be up and then Harden got loose at the end of the third, start of the fourth and it was too much to overcome because we didn’t capitalize on those plays earlier in the game. So hopefully we can wash this one away, come back and just go for broke tomorrow, and capitalize on some of the opportunities that we missed tonight."

(On the last four games of the season)

"We’ve got to just go for broke right now. We’ve got nothing to lose. I mean we put ourselves in a position to get in the playoffs and we have to go out there and enjoy it, attack and if the shots don’t fall, it’s one thing, but we got to go for it – we’ve got to go for broke and have fun with it and embrace this opportunity."


Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

(On the game)

"Phoenix came out and they’ve been playing good basketball, you have to give them a lot of credit. We knew we were going to be in for a tough game tonight, especially at the start of the game and they were going to give us some great effort. I thought that we did a better job when that second unit came in and really being physical and playing with more toughness and not allowing them to have open shots. We were fortunate they missed some shots."

(On James Harden's performance)

"James (Harden) obviously had a terrific game, he had everything going. He had his midrange, he had his three and he had his free throw game on tonight and he was a big factor in our win tonight."


Thunder Guard James Harden

(On the win)

"It was good when you get on a roll like that. My teammates played really well. We bounced back from a bad loss and a bad second half to get a win. It’s always good."

(On playing in Arizona again)

"It was special, family, coaches, friends... It was fun. I just wanted to be aggressive. It’s not particularly the Suns, I’ve just had two good games, especially coming off that bad second half against the Clippers, we wanted to bounce back and try to spark some energy off the bench."


Thunder Forward Kevin Durant

(On the game)

"We just played harder. They were getting easy baskets and we just stepped up our intensity level a little bit. It helps when James comes off the bench scoring like that. It was a really good win, a really good bounce back win for us and against a team that’s trying to get every win to get into the playoffs. We knew they were going to play hard and we came out and responded. These guys shoot a lot of jumpers; they shoot a lot of threes. I had to get in there and try to help the bigs out with those long rebounds. I was able to get a few and we got some stops and we got some kick-aheads and we were able to score a little bit."