Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Trail Blazers - April 16, 2012

Alvin Gentry

Shannon Brown

Jared Dudley

Kaleb Canales

JJ Hickson

Jamal Crawford

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“We did what we had to do, which was good. I thought that from start to finish we were pretty good. We had some lapses in a few areas where we lost a little bit of focus but I thought for the most part we were pretty good. It’s up to the individual players. You take a guy like Jamal Crawford and he isos and gets going he is tough to stop but I thought the shots he was making were challenged shots that we would have liked anyone shooting at that time. I thought we did a good job, lost [Luke] Babbitt a few times on three point shots but when your in a game, when your up and down like that, that is going to happen. I thought that we were pretty efficient. We shot 60 percent and were getting the ball to the right people. For the most part the only disturbing thing is the 15 offensive rebounds. That’s a little bit disturbing because 7 of those were by [J.J.] Hickson. It wasn’t like we were giving three and two to a bunch of people; he just went and got the offensive rebounds. That’s kind of what he does in the league. Other than that I thought it was a good game, a win that we needed. ”

(On Nash resting): “All the rest we can get we take because we play three games in the next four days. We were determined not to have to stick him back in there. We were going to ride those guys until the end. They did a great job Sebastian [Telfair] is playing really good; he is playing as well as any back-up point guard in the league right now. I like his defense; he is pushing the basketball and trying to get it to the right people. I think he is playing really good basketball.”


Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown

(On the Suns’ shooting): “Just playing the game the right way, getting shots in rhythm, getting the easy buckets, easy layups and playing at a pace that we like to play at – when we do, like I said, there’s really not too many teams that can stick with us offensively. It’s just us coming up with stops, that’s the difference. ”

(On the final five games of the season): “We definitely need to keep our bodies well rested. It’s a mental thing also. Just keep our bodies rested, our minds fresh and go out and play the next game.”


Suns swingman Jared Dudley

(On the Suns’ offense): “Offensively, we’re playing at a high level. When we play unselfish and we move the ball, like we did and shoot the ball from three, it’s hard to beat us. Sometimes we can get stagnant and force shots, but tonight we didn’t do that. And we’re going to need to play that way these last five games.”

(On the playoff push): “It’s a blessing for one, and also, people had us for dead beginning of the season, middle of the season, All-Star break. And we’ve worked our butts off, we’ve played through it, guys have learned their rolls and I think we’re ready to do it.”


Trail Blazers Head Coach Kaleb Canales

“We talked about one of the points of emphasis was them coming our really aggressive in the first quarter and they did. We never want to give up 30 point quarters, we gave up three tonight. Our emotions right now is that tonight we had a tough loss on the road. I guess that goes with being in the moment. We’ve got to find a way to get better and that’s at practice tomorrow and working toward Wednesday’s game. I just don’t think we got consecutive stops tonight. I can’t remember if we ever got three or four consecutive stops and they shot, I think, a season high 60% from the field. We can’t allow that and our defense needs and will continue to get better.”


Trail Blazers forward JJ Hickson

“We cut it to nine but we couldn’t close the gap. Coach drew up a good defensive plan but we didn’t go out and execute it. When the Coach draws up a defensive plan like he did we have to go out and execute it. We did a horrible job at it. “

“I just wanted to attack. I just decided to be more aggressive at the offensive end but that’s not where the ball game is won. It’s won on the defensive end and we have to do a better job of playing defense.”


Trail Blazers shooting guard Jamal Crawford

“We could just never get over the hump. That’s a team playing for playoff position and they’ve been one of the best teams since the all-star break. I think they’ll continue to treat every game like a playoff game and they did that again tonight.”

(On being officially eliminated from the playoffs): “It’s disappointing, especially playing in the playoffs the last couple of years. I know the Blazers have been in the playoffs the last couple of years. It’s been a trying season though but if we could take one positive out of it it’s to see these young guys get better and see Kaleb get better each game as well as each of us try to end on a positive note.”