Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Spurs, March 27, 2012

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Shannon Brown

Gregg Popovich

Tim Duncan

Tony Parker

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“I thought we started well offensively but we weren’t very good defensively. I don’t think either team was really for the whole first half. One team shot 55 and the other 56. We let them get a little separation there and we had a couple crucial turnovers and crucial offensive rebounds and that’s kind of what they do to people. Those three guys together has been good. We did a good job on (Manu) Ginobli and Tony has been playing more like an MVP. At the end of games he’s done a good job of controlling the game and coming up with big shots.”

(On Grant out): “Couple of times we didn’t close out and we got a little confused on some rotations. Once again we gave up a couple offensive rebounds and you can’t afford to do that against this team. What happened with (Grant Hill) out is we would play him on Tony Parker and (Manu) Ginobli some too but we had guys that stepped up and that’s part of being a team. We can’t worry about who sits out, we have enough guys to play and if we have enough guys to play we expect to win.”


Suns point guard Steve Nash

“I think we just didn’t play well enough. We got close, we kept ourselves in the game for a long time and couldn’t ever really get more than that five or six-point lead and they came flying back and then the start of the fourth there they kind of got up there by nine and we couldn’t close back the distance. So, it’s a disappointing loss for us and we’ve got to pick it up tomorrow and try and get one.”

(On both teams starting hot): “I think both teams kind of dug in a little more. I think both teams caused problems offensively and then everyone adjusted in the second half, but we couldn’t in the end slow them down – some hustle plays, some offensive rebounds, that kind of hurt us and you know we couldn’t do it at the end there.”


Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown

(On getting the start): “I wanted to come out and be aggressive. I didn’t know I was going to start until we were here doing our pregame (meeting) and they said Grant (Hill) wasn’t going to go, so I had to prepare myself mentally. I just wanted to come out, play hard, play within the flow of what’s going on and I wish we couldn’t have come out with the win.”

(On the game): “Playing against a team like San Antonio, you’ve got to play smart every possession, every possession counts. It’s almost like playing a playoff game. We turned the ball over a little bit, to a couple ill-advised shots or whatever, and like you said, we dug ourselves a hole. But we need to learn from it and get better, come out here and be ready for the Clippers tomorrow.”


Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich

“It’s a game, you know. Things happen. Sometimes we lose and the other team does that. We made some shots and they couldn’t score for a while. I thought our defense was better in the second half. I thought Steve (Nash) sliced and diced us up in the first half and I thought we got ourselves under control defensively and the defense fueled a lot of what we did in the second half.”


Spurs power forward Tim Duncan

“Defensively we got some stops. They shot the ball real well all game long and I thought our intensity turned up a little bit. We got some stops there and Tony hit like three shots in a row for us. So it was just a good momentum change at that time. I felt good out there and got some shots early and started the game rolling so that always helps also.”


Spurs guard Tony Parker

“We made stops. They shot the ball very well. Shannon Brown was making crazy shots so we felt like if we could hang in there things were going to turn and they’re going to miss at some point and they started missing and we played better defense. On offense we had a good run, especially in the fourth quarter. They were just making shots, they moved the ball really well. Obviously Steve Nash is tough to contain in the pick and rolls and Brown was making crazy shots. But we felt like if we could contain Nash and Gortat and Brown can’t make shots like that the whole night, so hopefully it would change. They missed a couple of shots, Steve missed a couple of shots and then we started having a good run for us in the fourth quarter.”