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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Hornets - April 8, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Hakim Warrick

Vince Carter

Monty Williams

Chris Paul

Willie Green

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“They just outplayed us. There’s no easy way around it. Our problems start because we can’t close out quarters. I thought we were going along great, then we make a couple substitutions and we can’t sustain. We have to be able to sustain. They played great and Willie Green shot the ball great. But we have to come up with more plays that we complete and finish; that’s on the offensive and defensive end. We shot 50-percent, but that’s a little bit distorted. Early on, we were right at the basket. But as the game went on, we didn’t score and they did. That’s how you get separation."

(On the Suns defense)
“We have to do a better job on our post defense. Pick and roll wise, we didn’t get down and recover. It’s discouraging in that when we started the game, we were playing pretty good. But we have got to sustain that throughout. We haven’t been able to do that.”

(On the play of the Suns bench)
“I’ve already played Grant Hill too many minutes. You can’t continue to play him long minutes. There has to be guys that step in and pick it up where he left off or someone else left off. We have to be able to sustain and not fighting an uphill battle when those guys come back in the game.”

(On the play of Chris Paul)
“I thought Chris did a good job of just running the show. They didn’t need his scoring tonight, so he was more of a distributor and got guys the ball in the right situations.”


Suns forward Hakim Warrick

(On the rest of the season)
“We’re going to play the season out. No matter what, we’re going to continue to go out there and compete.”


Suns guard Vince Carter

“Our Achilles heel has just been holding on to leads, and particularly, finishing quarters more than anything. It puts us in a bind.”

(On the play of Willie Green tonight)
“He was feeling it. It was just his night. He was hitting shots, contested shots. He had a few open shots. He got in the paint and hit some tough shots. Good for him.”

(On if he takes any positives from this season)
“Regardless of if we’re playing for something or not, we’ve got to go out there and compete. You’ve got to win the game. We played well enough to win. We played early in quarters and we don’t finish. To me, a loss is a loss. It’s very disappointing, because I feel that we’re a good enough team to first of all be in the playoffs; and, we’re a good enough team to establish a lead and really build on that, and we haven’t really done a great job of that.”


Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams

“Well, it was a big game for us. That was an emotional setup to me, coming off our win against Houston. You know to come into this game and not have any residual effect from that, I was worried about that. So you know I hate the 30 point quarter, but I understood what we were dealing with you know to end it the way we did at least gave us something to be happy about. We won that quarter and I thought our defense picked up as the game went on. Playing against teams like that who have so many shooters and they’re playing free because they’re not going to the playoffs, it makes it tough. I’m just glad that we were able to establish a defensive mindset throughout the game, as the game wore on.”

(On finishing quarters well)
“A lot of that has to do with having a point guard on the floor; whether it’s Chris (Paul) or Jarrett (Jack) that can run the team and that helps us. I think that helps us finish quarters as well. Something that we didn’t do well at the beginning of the season; we have been doing well lately. Trevor (Ariza) has an efficient game. I think he’s averaging 20 a game, but I like the fact that he got 70 defensive rebounds. Willie, I don’t know if you say ‘fuego’ or caught fire or whatever but he was hot tonight. He was rolling a bit. I’m just glad we got the win, especially at home.”

(On Trevor Ariza’s play)
“He looks the way he did in LA. He used to slice and make these crazy shots. Nobody could figure out how he got to the basket. Last thing you see is his right or left hand at the rim and he was dunking in or finishing. He and I have talked about being efficient all year long. The thing I’ll say about Trev, it’s tough to score when you’re guarding the toughest wing guy every night. And for him to be able to score these points the way he’s been scoring the last few games and defend, says a lot about him and our team’s defense.”


Hornets guard Chris Paul

“We make sure we come out aggressive. The last game against Houston, we came out so out of sync and sluggish. The same thing could have happened tonight after that emotional win (on Wednesday), but we played a good game.”

(On his performance)
“It took me a while to get going a little bit, but Trevor (Ariza) was outstanding. He got us going early and really, he was outstanding all night long and so was Jarrett Jack. It was a great team effort.”

(On Willie Green going 12-for-12)
“I didn’t even know he was 12-for-12. I did not know that until I was out of the game on the bench. But regardless whether he was or not, I was excited and happy for him. He is one of the guys that comes in and works hard every day. Like I said earlier in the season, he used to guard me every time I played against him. It was great to see him in the zone like that.”

(On the team being playoff ready)
“No, it is just another game right now. It’s all just fine tuning. Like we said, we want to go into the playoffs full steam ahead and not backing into it. We just continue to work and trying to get better and get as good as we can.”


Hornets guard Willie Green

(On his performance)
“The basket did get a little bigger. I hit some shots in the first half. I just kept it going; my teammates were just looking for me and I got a few shots to go down.”

(On changing his shot)
“I was just working on my rhythm; trying to make my shot up, my arc up, and follow through. It is playoff time so it’s time to tweak some things and take it to another level and I thought collectively tonight as a team, this was a good step forward for us.”

(On going 12-for-12)
“I did not know it was going, but it’s a good streak to have. Unfortunately down the stretch, I missed a few shots. My legs got a little tired, but we want to continue to get better and this was a good win for us. We did not want to come in and get a let-down against this team. They are a good team, but we got the win. This was a good win for us.”