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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Thunder, 4/1/11

Alvin Gentry

Jared Dudley

Aaron Brooks

Vinny Del Negro

Eric Gordon

Blake Griffin

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(Opening statement)
“I thought we played well from start to finish. Aaron (Brooks) stepped in and did a good job. I thought between him and Zabian (Dowdell) we did a pretty good job—obviously you’re not going to replace Steve (Nash). But, I thought they did a pretty good job running the team and being aggressive offensively, and then making plays. If you look at the stats that they had at the end of the night—26 points and 11 assists—that was pretty good.”

(On the Clippers play)
“They have got a lot of talent on that team—you know, Eric Gordon is a heck of a player. I thought we did a good job of trying to chase him off shots, but (Gordon) does such a good job of spinning behind the screen and making some shots. It’s a good win for us—we just needed a win… Now we will just go on the road and see what happens.”


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On the win)
“I thought that we had good ball movement. I thought we were aggressive and under control. I thought Grant came out and established what we wanted to do defensively. I think that we helped each other out defensively, we got turnovers and deflections. Overall it was a big win in the sense that it good to get a win without Steve here. I saw people step up. Zabian played tremendously for us coming off the bench and giving us a spark.”

(On the game)
“I thought we took our time offensively. We set screens, found the mismatch and exploited it. We got them to foul us and got into the bonus. I think it was really about matchups and defending the pick and roll and I think that we did that.”


Suns Guard Aaron Brooks

(On Steve Nash)
“Well he didn’t do shoot around and said he was sick. So, mentally I was preparing for the worst just in case he didn’t come. When I saw him come in I got excited and then when I found out he couldn’t play I got into a different mind set and went out there. It felt good to finally get a win, my first one as a starter.”

(On the win)
“Everyone stepped up. Jared came out in the beginning and played well. We just moved the ball and played as a team.”


Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

(On the game)
“I didn’t think we had great energy tonight. We let Phoenix run where they wanted to when they wanted to. We shortcut some things defensively. Offensively, we couldn’t make any shots and put any pressure on them. Phoenix is a shot-making team; we couldn’t shoot the ball well enough. Twenty turnovers, a lot of mistakes, just a lot of mistakes and you’re always playing catch-up all the time and it makes it tough. ”


Clippers Guard Eric Gordon

(On the game)
“We had a lot of turnovers. We had a lot of mistakes throughout the game and they’re a team that can make good runs. They are really a high-powered offensive team and you can’t be making too many mistakes against them.”

(On how to bounce back from the loss)
“It’s just coming down to defense. Offensively, we just need to, I would say, settle down a little bit and work hard a little bit more defensively.


Clippers Forward Blake Griffin

(On the team’s focus)
“First quarter, the beginning of the first quarter, we did alright, hit some shots and then it kind of went downhill from there and we have to do a better job of coming in and getting focused and not letting a team get out to a lead like that on the road.”

(On the team’s energy)
“I’d like to say execution. You never want to not give effort. I think guys did give effort. I was sitting on the bench, a lot of the 50-50 balls, seemed like every time we got a deflection it would go right to them and sometimes you have games like that. You have to give them credit being there and being ready and scoring when they got the opportunity.”