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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Kings, March 29, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Paul Westphal

Donte Greene

Tyreke Evans

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“They played well down the stretch and they made shots. We had good looks at the basket that didn’t go down. They converted on the shots they needed to. We just can’t turn the ball over. We turned the ball over at the most inopportune times. They ended up getting easy baskets and didn’t have to work for them. That’s how they got back into the game. For some reason, we struggled in the fourth quarter. Tonight, we score 20 and give up 31. That has kind of been what has happened to us the last four or five games.”

(On how the Kings got back into the game in the third quarter)
“Turnovers. Go back and look. We turned it over three straight times and they got dunks on it. They didn’t have to work at all to get back into the game. We only turned it over 11 times. We just did it at inopportune times and then we didn’t rebound the basketball. We have to do a better job of rebounding the basketball.”

(On how this affects the playoff picture)
“You have to play your way into the playoffs. Right now, the way we are playing, we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Memphis (Grizzlies) is playing great. Houston (Rockets) is playing great. New Orleans (Hornets) is playing great. All the teams we are chasing are playing really good. And we are not. We are still alive in the playoff race, but we are basically on life support.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On why they fell in the fourth)
“Too many turnovers in the second half. We missed some looks and they made them and they outrebounded us. They are playing well and have been a tough matchup for us.”

(On the Kings getting momentum)
“They have got a lot of talent. They are feeling comfortable and confident right now, so the ball is going into the basket. They score the ball so well they put pressure on you to score. We are not good enough, to be honest. It is too difficult for us to score down the stretch. We are a little too one-dimensional. We can’t do inside really. And we don’t really have a leading scorer, that player on our team. We play with ball movement, pick and rolls and try to get people in rotations. I think it is just a little one-dimensional. We are lacking dimensions to our team.”


Suns Head Coach Paul Westphal

“What a roller coaster – that game was a lot of fun. It was really special how the fans were behind us in this game. I think that there was no way we were going to lose that game because of the way they were. It was a great crowd and great support. The atmosphere was phenomenal; it was a lot of fun out there. We had to work hard. We had to overcome some of our own mistakes and we got a break in that they didn’t hit a lot of threes. I was really happy for a lot of our players, particularly Donte (Greene) and Omri (Casspi) came off the bench and gave us a gigantic lift. Jason Thompson as well and Tyreke (Evans) came off the bench too, that was pretty nice. So we got some great production off the bench and the starters, the spirit, the defense – everything was really special tonight.”

(On winning four games in a row)
“Well we’re getting our team together, first of all. We’re healthier, we’re really focusing on playing defense both individually and as a team and I think the guys like playing with each other. Things are coming together. I think since the trade for Marcus Thornton our roster has been more balanced. As we get healthy and are able to sort things out, I think that we’re showing that there’s a lot of reason for optimism. I think the team is excited about what the chances of success are going forward even though it’s too late to make the playoffs or anything this year. We’ve been saying all year that we think we have a good team, we just weren’t quite there yet. Well now we’re starting to get there it looks like.”

(On the defense against Phoenix)
“Well the way you always measure defensive efforts is if you’re ahead at the end of the game, seriously. Because it’s two ends -- you can’t just put out a team and try to stop the other team and then never score. You can’t usually outscore somebody; you’ve got to play both ends. I thought that we played to our advantage enough throughout the game to be ahead at the end of the game.”

(On Samuel Dalembert)
“He got a bruised rib; he said he could come back and play and he did, but I haven’t talked to him after the game. I could’ve put him back, he didn’t ask out but I thought that the way the game was going and the way that our players were playing there was no need to really go that way. I would’ve probably moved Donte to four a little bit more before putting him back as well because it was kind of a small up-and-down game.”


Kings forward Donte Greene

“Guys aren’t selfish anymore to be honest with you. When we lost to Philly (at home) a lot of the guys were out there being selfish. We sat down and had a team meeting. We got everything out and everything is clicking. So we just got to keep going.”

(Ball movement)
“We just moved the ball. We’re having fun out there and playing together. Everybody wants to see everybody do well. Omri (Casspi) came off the bench tonight. He came in and gave us the energy we needed, the defense, got some points. Myself. Marcus (Thornton) did a great job. It was really a team effort tonight.”

(Kings’ backcourt)
“I’m very excited. We could go a long way and do a lot of things with our backcourt. I think we got one of the top backcourts in the league. Right now we’re trying to keep moving and looking to get better for next year.”

(Being ready to play)
“It’s the business. We can’t control how many minutes you play. You can control how you do when you’re out there. Just go out there be aggressive and help my team out.”


Knigs guard Tyreke Evans

“It feels good. My foot feels better and I’m moving at a good speed. Catching the ball now I feel good.

“We’ve been playing good but it starts on the defensive end. We came in there and did a good job on Steve Nash and we picked-and-rolled. They made a couple of good plays but at the end of the day we made good stops and came down and scored the ball.”

(Playing with Marcus Thornton)
“It’s going good. That’s a lot of pressure on the defense just trying to stop us from scoring the ball. I’m looking forward to going back out there.”