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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Lakers - 3/22/2011

Alvin Gentry

Grant Hill

Channing Frye

Steve Nash

Phil Jackson

Ron Artest

Pau Gasol

Kobe Bryant

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“I’m pretty tired, but I thought we hung in there, we had our opportunities and just couldn’t get over the hump.

(On the most important play of the game)
"I thought we had a couple of good plays. I thought the biggest play of the game came down when Kobe drove the baseline, and almost lost the basketball and Pau came up with it. That loose ball we just have to come up with it, and we didn’t quite come up with it. Then, Pau ends up making two foul shots.”

(On his team’s effort)
“I thought we played hard and we hung in there. We got down 21 points. We know how important the game was and I thought we did a great job of fighting back.”

(On the difference in the ball game and this season)
“We just didn’t make a couple of plays that’s the bottom line. That’s kind of what has happened with our season really. Our season has come down to a couple of missed plays here and there, missed rebounds here and there and that makes it really, really tough. I thought we did a really great job. We competed our butts off.”

(On defending Kobe Bryant)
“I thought Grant [Hill] did about as good a job as you can on Kobe [Bryant]. Once again I’ll say it, the guy gets 42 but they are a hardworking 42.”


Suns forward Grant Hill

“It wasn’t draining. It was draining when I fouled out. We had chances. We had the ball [with the score] tied up a number of times. We just couldn’t make the shot or couldn’t execute. But you can’t fault the effort. We fought hard, we competed and we played with a lot of heart.”

(On his three free throws at the end of the 2nd overtime)
“To be honest, I feel like there is no pressure. The game, on the surface comes down to those free throws, but it’s really about what we did before that and preparation. You feel like we deserved to win...For me, it was just going out there and wanting to win and just shooting the ball.”


Suns forward Channing Frye

“We really needed this game. This one hurts. We had opportunities to win and we didn’t take advantage of them. We had some pretty costly turnovers.”

(On how much tonight’s game affects the Suns considering they are not in the playoffs yet)
“We felt like we needed to win every game anyway. I think you saw that regardless, we were going to come out here and play. Even if some people think we’re mathematically done, we’re still going to come out here and play.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On having to play Toronto tomorrow after tonight’s draining loss)
“We just have to be professional. You go out tomorrow and do the best you can.

(On the Ron Artest stepping up in the last overtime)
“He made some good plays. I thought that everybody on their team kind of stepped up. Obviously, Kobe made a couple plays. Lamar made a couple plays, Artest made a couple plays. Overall, I thought they all played well.”

(On tonight’s loss)
“It was a big loss. There is no other way to put it.”


Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson

“I guess we had the last laugh in that game because even the shot Kobe [Bryant] gave was kind of wild and unorthodox in many ways because we had 24 seconds to run on the clock. We told these guys Phoenix [Suns] plays great when they come into our building; they had some good runs here over the years, but we eventually prevailed.”

(On Ron Artest)
“I thought his defense was effective; gave us opportunities, advantages. Like we had three leads in the last two minutes in regulation in the first two overtimes and we lost them. Ron [Artest] helped us get those…”

(On not making any substitutions through overtime)
“It’s really hard to get someone involved when you have gone through the stretch and then you start out in first overtime, and the second overtime, it’s hard to get guys involved. It’s possible…they [Suns] substituted [Jared] Dudley, I think that was their only substitute out there. But you know, they [Lakers] had good minutes. The starters didn’t come back until the 6-minute mark in the fourth quarter…”

(On Pau Gasol’s free-throw shooting tonight)
“We hope that’s an incentive for him. He’s had a couple of opportunities like that…that’s a tough situation he stood up do tonight.”


Lakers forward Ron Artest

(On Kobe Bryant’s trust in his teammates late in the game)
“He’s the Black Mamba. When he wants to do something he puts his mind to it…he hit big shots. He was animated and he carried us, and he trusted us when it most counted. He trusted us in that last overtime, and that’s Black Mamba for you.”

(On the triple-overtime win)
“Well, Kobe was trying harder. We had to help him, though. Like, obviously Kobe doesn’t need help, he could play against all ten guys by himself and win. But, there has to come a point in time where, you know ok, I watched Kobe and I was trying to help out a little bit. So guys started getting rebounds and everything.”


Lakers forward Pau Gasol

(On Ron Artest’s clutch plays)
“He made big plays down the stretch, big shots and put up a good show.”

(On the triple-overtime win)
“We haven’t played many overtime games this year, and this one was a tough one. But I’m proud of our team, the way we battled, the way we fight through each and every OT. We reacted well and handled it well…”


Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

“(The Suns) play an unconventional style, much different than any team that we face. They got hot there in the stretch and got them back in the ball game and they kept making big shots.”

(On if he was fatigued)
“Not for me personally, I felt fine.”

(On if he was disappointed about losing a 21 point lead)
“Ya, but it is what it is. We rallied, stuck with it, and won the game.”

(On his acrobatic pass to Pau Gasol)
“I had to find an angle to get it to him. I didn’t want to float it under the basket because their guys are too long so I just found an angle to bounce it to him.”

(On what this victory shows)
“We’re the champs. We’ve got a lot of mental toughness and we just keep on fighting -- it’s not anything new.”