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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Thunder - March 6, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Channing Frye

Steve Nash

Scott Brooks

Daequan Cook

Kevin Durant

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On the game
“We played well and competed like crazy but we could not just make that one play to get us over the hump. I can tell you now that there is no better guy that did better defensively on (Kevin) Durant than Grant Hill did tonight. To hold that guy to 3-of-14, it will not ever happen again in that circumstance. I just thought Grant (Hill) was great. I thought we did a great job and put ourselves in a position to win the whole game. We just could not make the play – the open shots or the free throws. However, when we play with that kind of effort, I am satisfied. It is the last game of a long trip and but we put ourselves in the position to win and that is all I can ask for.”

On coming close in the loss
“We had good shots but we just did not get them in the basket. They executed well and had some great shots. Serge had some great blocks. We did some good things but we could not sustain it.”


Suns Forward Channing Frye

On injuring his shoulder:
“I’ve just got to make sure I take care of it. I hate not playing. No matter what I do I’m going to try to be out there. It’s super sore right now but for me it’s more about the team and I’m just mad I couldn’t go out there and help them in that situation. We had opportunities…they’re a good team and we had opportunities to win and we just didn’t win tonight. I feel like we gave some good effort.”

On the road trip:
“Four and two is not bad. It would have been real nice to go five and one but it’s not bad to be four and two. We’ve just got to continue to play.”


Suns Guard Steve Nash

On losing at the end of the game:
“We battled. We had our chances and lost a tough game on the road. That’s not the way we wanted to end it. We had a chance to win at the end and we lost.”

On passing Isaiah Thomas on the career assists list:
“I really don’t feel good right now because we just lost but I’m sure once I sit down and think about it, it’s pretty cool. Isaiah was my number one player. Of course, I idolized Jordan as well but Isaiah was my idol and the one I tried to immolate due to my size and the fact that he didn’t really dunk the ball.”


Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

Opening statement:
“Well that was a very entertaining game. It was a good win. I thought everybody did a good job of chipping-in offensively, defensively…Steve Nash was an incredible decision maker. But we battled. We hung in there and we made them take some tough shots and unfortunately they made some tough shots. It was a very entertaining game and I’m just glad we won.”

On Steve Nash:
“Steve Nash is such an incredible decision maker. Sometimes I don’t know how he does it but he’s ageless. He doesn’t seem to ever lose anything. He just makes good plays and he made a tough night for us throughout the game. I thought we did a good job of battling and staying with it and keeping the scoreboard going. We came out in the fourth quarter and made the defensive stops we needed and I thought that gave us a chance to win the game.”


Thunder Guard Daequan Cook

On closing out the game:
“We picked it up on the defensive end. They made a lot of easy buckets throughout the game. Luckily we figured out why they were getting those easy shots and fixed it.”

On if this win brings the team together:
“It definitely makes us tougher. A lot of shots dropping against us but it definitely brought us together knowing that we had to come together to get stops in order to win the game.”


Thunder Forward Kevin Durant

On the help he got from teammates:
“Everybody chipped in today. I did not start the game the way I wanted to. I still came out aggressive and Russell (Westbrook), Serge (Ibaka) and James (Harden) picked it up for me. It was a great win for us. We grinded it out. They are a tough team to guard.”

On defense:
“It is something we have been talking about and have been doing a great job at. Serge and James bring it every night and we feed of their energy. We made them take tough shots. They made some of them but we figured out a way to close out the game.”