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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Bucks - March 4, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Mickael Pietrus

Grant Hill

Scott Skiles

Jon Brockman

Brandon Jennings

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On tonight's game)
"They were doing a good job, we just couldn’t get any rhythm. They’re (the Bucks) a tough tgeam to get a rhythm against. We just tried to open up the floor and be a little more aggressive and even take some quicker shots. We got a few of those to go."

(On the Bucks)
"They’re (the Bucks) so banged up and so injured. The fact that they play as hard as they do and stay in games, I think it’s a real credit to Scott (Skiles) and the way he makes these guys continue to compete."

(On closing the road trip)
"We’ve got a really tough game against Oklahoma City and we usually play those guys pretty good. Obviously with (Kevin) Durant and (Russel) Westbook they’ve got two of the best young players in the league. We’ll go in there and we’ll have to play extremely well to beat them. It’s one of those games were we have an opportunity to have real special trip."


Suns Guard Mickael Pietrus

(On tonight’s game)
"The first half for us wasn’t great because we got outrebounded. We really tried to make the adjustment rebounding the ball in the second half. We did a better job and we won the other side. That’s why we were able to get free shots and make them. We played extremely well in the second half."

(On the second half)
"Coach got on us. He told us we can’t be outrebounded like that and we’re going to have to be mentally prepared to fight in the second half because they weren’t going to give up, and they did not. They played the entire 48 minutes."


Suns Forward Grant Hill

(On the second half)
"Alvin was pretty upset, but we as players, we had played pretty bad and we were down three (at halftime). If we could just settle down, lock in defensively, and execute a little bit better offensively, to just come out and do that, and we did."

(On closing the road trip)
"We feel good, we’ve beaten them (the Thunder) there before. They’ve always been close games, tight games. The main thing is we can either have a good trip or a great trip."


Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles

(On tonight’s game)
"We went 11 or 12 straight possessions without a basket and right at the same time at the other end (Phoenix’s scoring run) started happening and they blew it open and ran away with it right there. We needed to somehow hang in there when we weren’t able to score and weren’t able to do it."

(On the factors that led to the loss)
"We were okay in the first half. We had pretty good active hands. Steve (Nash) had seven turnovers so we were doing something to create some turnovers. We had trouble once again going down and converting after we turned them over but, in any NBA game, if those two things are happening at the same time, if you’re going 11 or 12 possessions without a basket then it also kind of caves in on the other end it’s going to be disastrous."


Bucks Forward Jon Brockman

(On preparing for Boston on Sunday)
"We have to look at what we did tonight and learn from our mistakes. Boston is a good team coming in. They can affect the game from anywhere. We’re going to have to come out with a lot more energy and a lot more togetherness against Boston."

(On Phoenix’s perimeter shooting tonight)
"We knew they were capable of it. They’re that kind of team and they can get hot fast. They have a lot of great shooters and they have a really good point guard in Steve Nash. He does a great job of conducting that team and he finds spots and gets guys great shots."


Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings

(On tonight’s loss)
"We have shorter guys. You see in the last minute (Scott) Skiles put in (Earl) Boykins and Keyon Dooling to try to get something going but then they (Phoenix) took advantage of us in the post game. We were just trying to find a situation to try to win the game but we came up short."