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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Celtics - March 2, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Mickael Pietrus

Marcin Gortat

Doc Rivers

Paul Pierce

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On bench)
“Just played hard and competed. Made some shots, made a few shots, I thought we did a good job of moving the defense up the floor. And we got the game into an open court game. Thought Aaron Brooks did a good job, I mean obviously it’s tough when you get down as big as we did, but I thought we did a great job of fighting back. Got it to 8 and had a few chances where we could really put pressure on them, had a couple of tough turnovers. But they played great, they got us on our heels early in the game, and we never really quite recovered from that. We gave up way too many points, over 30 in both quarters, and their not a team that usually scores like that so we put ourselves behind the 8 ball and that’s really tough.”

(On Aaron Brooks)
“I think it’s going to be fine, he’s an open court player and a scorer and that’s who we want him to be. We don’t want him to be Steve Nash, we want him to be Aaron Brooks. And Aaron Brooks was a guy that was very aggressive offensively when he played in Houston, and made as many three’s as anybody in the league three years ago, and last year. And we just want him to be what he is.”

(On early struggles)
“Well we turned the ball over a few times, everything they got was at the rim. And one stretch they had 26 points, and they had 18 of them in the pace. So, Ray Allen made a couple of shots, which he’s going to, you don’t become the all time leading three point shooter without making a few. But I just thought, our interior defense wasn’t really good, and they were able to throw it inside. KG got a lot of easy baskets, and everything he got was at the rim. They’re shooting 60-65% to start the game, and we’re shooting 30, you’re going to have separation.”

(On pick and roll problems)
“No I think what happened with Rondo is he’s so good, he’s a lot like Steve at finding the open guy. You know you’re a little bit late, a gap in there, a crease in there and he’s going to find that guy to make that play, and he made a bunch of those plays for them tonight”

(On Rondo's shot at the end of the game)
“That’s no big deal, you play to win the game. You’re supposed to play for 48 minutes, he wanted to shoot and he shot it. I don’t see anything wrong with that. He’s supposed to play 48 minutes, there was 2 seconds or 4 seconds to go, you play 48 minutes. I don’t have a problem with that I really don’t.”

(On Kevin Garnett making things personl)
“I don’t know you have to ask him that. I’m sure if it is Doc hope he gets pissed off at every coach in the league. I don’t see anything, I think we’re making a big deal out of nothing. In the grand scheme of things it’s one game that we play, and he played great you got to give him credit. He played great defensively, and offensively, made everything going to the basket, made some jump shots, he’s tough to guard in those situations.”


Suns guard Mickael Pietrus

(On second unit)
“I think we play extremely well in the second half. Especially the second unit, I think we did a great job no matter what the score was, we still had to play through it, got to get better, and hopefully next time it will be better.”

(On being down by so much)
“We just try to play, try to be ourselves, and try to get back in the game. From Celtics and us is not 30 points difference so we try to play extremely well, try to share the ball, and obviously everyone came in, gave us a great lift, and then we look forward to the next one, and make sure we get back on track."

“Don’t get me wrong our bench can start, so we have a pretty good team. So hopefully we can make that last push with our second unit to make the playoffs. Just play to win.”


Suns center Marcin Gortat

(On coming in down 29 points)
“Well I don’t think we came out ready to play first. I think we gave them too much respect. And from the beginning you could see that they are a better basketball team, they are a really good defensive team, and everything they were doing you could see they were doing for many years already. But like I said we didn’t come out ready to play and we gave them too much respect.

"We didn’t have anything to lose so, we make couple shots, they decide to play their second unit also. They miss couple shots, we have couple good stops, and all of a sudden 30 point game turns into 7, 8, 9, 10 point game and even I didn’t see the game change. I was just out there and I didn’t look at the board, I was just playing and trying to compete. Second unit today did a pretty good job, unfortunately we were missing some guys from the first unit, and it is really hard to win the game.”


Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

(On extra motivation against Suns)
“Yeah, I think all our guys were. That’s what the explosion early was about. You know, and the tech at the end of the game I thought was not a great tech in my opinion. I thought their bench, their coaches were talking, which I don’t think you should ever if you have a suit and tie on and actually can’t play – I don’t think you should be doing a lot of talking to the players on the floor. It’s just my opinion. But I’m glad we got the win. I didn’t like the way our second unit played down that one stretch. I thought we should’ve never had to put our starters back in. I told them at half-time I was concerned because I know our unit – the reason they played so well in the first half was that they defended. And don’t come in second half thinking about scoring. And I thought that’s exactly what they did. So it’s tough. Avery (Bradley) out there, he’s still trying to find his way. He had two of the new guys on the floor with him, so tough situation. But overall I was just really happy. I thought our ball movement, our energy in the first half, our defense I the first half, was phenomenal.”

(On being worried about the second unit)
“Well we have injuries still. Delonte (West) – throw Delonte in that group and you know you’re not that concerned anymore. So, no, I’m not that concerned at all.”

(On Rondo's shot at the end of the game)
“Yeah, I thought that was a function of the technical. When he heard – honestly, he heard their bench talking so I had no problem with it. Honestly.”

(On starters getting used to playing with Nenad Kristic)
“Yeah, and on the spacing where he can step out. I thought this, the first game they recognized – it’s funny, I told them, ‘You know, Krstic can shoot.’ I’ve actually said it like a good 50 times. He actually can make those shots. And so it’s great when he made it. It just opened the floor wide open for us. I thought that was great.”


Celtics foward Paul Pierce

“Tonight, I felt the need to (rebound). We played a lot through Kevin, that was the game plan coming in. I just tried to do the other things. Doc coming in said Kevin should get 20 looks tonight, that’s the advantage we have. So I said ok, let me see how I can get involved. Getting rebounds and doing the other little dirty things for this team.”

(On talking)
“I think it was something that carried over from that game out in Phoenix. It got kind of heated down the stretch and some words were said in the paper from Phoenix side. Coming into the game we felt that this was, we were hyped for this game truthfully. We couldn’t wait to get them back in our building based on what happened last time and some of the words. It was very refreshing to go out there and get this win how we did it.”

(On fourth quarter)
“What got them back into the game is that we stopped defending. We started to relax a little bit. I think we got kind of complacent with the lead. It started actually at the end of the third when we subbed. The thing is we are trying to get some of the new guys feet wet and what better opportunity to do it then in a game when we are up 25-28. It’s going to take time.”

(On new players)
“It has a lot of potential man, especially with the way Doc coaches the offense, the way we move the ball and make the extra passes, the way Krstic can shoot the ball, Murphy can shoot the ball, Green can go inside and outside, it really complements a lot of their abilities. It’s going to take time, but the potential is definitely there with this group.”